Who Rules ? Oligarchy and all that Political Mallarchy!


Factional Infighting amongst the Washington Consensus and other Political Elites is a very important insight, John.
Domhoff’s work is probably the most long-term empirical study of the phenomenon in the US.

ISGP and its Four Pillars of the Establishment Model is also quite a thorough source.

regarding State Crimes against democracy, I think Lance Dehavens work and that of Peter Dale Scott is very important. There are Hidden Political Agendas who can seriously dispute that Ted Heath had a hidden agenda in taking the UK into the EU? or that the Eu itself was and has been and continues to be a long-term plan to federalise the European Continent.
A great read is Tragedy and Hope Quiggleys classic Tome running at in excess of 1000 pages it does repay close study and is worth the effort.
Another Key insight to the political economy of the modern world is that we live in Oligarchies and not Democracies or republics.
This is thought my favourite quote on what the bueracracies of Oligarchies must be cognisant of with respect to their Lease on the reins of power.
“I am not one of those who think that the people are never in the wrong. They have been so, frequently and outrageously, both in other countries and in this. But I do say that in all disputes between them and their rulers the presumption is at least upon a par in favour of the people. Experience may perhaps justify me in going further. When popular discontents have been very prevalent, it may well be affirmed and supported that there has been generally something found amiss in the constitution or in the conduct of Government. The people have no interest in disorder. When they do wrong, it is their error, and not their crime. But with the governing part of the State it is far otherwise. They certainly may act ill by design, as well as by mistake. “Les révolutions qui arrivent dans les grands états ne sont point un effect du hasard, ni du caprice des peuples. Rien ne révolte les grands d’un royaume comme un Gouvernoment foible et dérangé. Pour la populace, ce n’est jamais par envie d’attaquer qu’elle se soulève, mais par impatience de souffrir.” These are the words of a great man, of a Minister of State, and a zealous assertor of Monarchy. They are applied to the system of favouritism which was adopted by Henry the Third of France, and to the dreadful consequences it produced. What he says of revolutions is equally true of all great disturbances. If this presumption in favour of the subjects against the trustees of power be not the more probable, I am sure it is the more comfortable speculation, because it is more easy to change an Administration than to reform a people.”
Edmund Burke.
The functionaries populate the Organs of the power Elite aptly described by C Wright Mills in the Power Elite also from Wikipedia
The resulting elites, who control the three dominant institutions
(military, economic and political) can be generally grouped into one of
six types, according to Mills:
the “Metropolitan 400” – members of historically notable local
families in the principal American cities, generally represented on the Social Register
“Celebrities” – prominent entertainers and media personalities
the “Chief Executives” – presidents and CEO’s of the most important companies within each industrial sector
the “Corporate Rich” – major landowners and corporate shareholders
the “Warlords” – senior military officers, most importantly the Joint Chiefs of Staff
the “Political Directorate” – “fifty-odd men of the executive
branch” of the U.S. federal government, including the senior leadership
in the Executive Office of the President, sometimes variously drawn from elected officials of the Democratic and Republican parties but usually professional government bureaucrats”
Western Democracy or even Liberal Democracy is I think Similar to Gandhi’s view on Western Civilisation. “They would be a very good idea”

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THESATURDAY ESSAY: why belief in one New World Order conspiracy is anobstacle to real reform

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“THE SATURDAY ESSAY: why belief in one New World Order conspiracy is an obstacle to real reform”

  The latest developments in world events have a disturbing ability to confuse, distract, complicate and demotivate the decent majority in every culture. Sadly, all-encompassing conspiracy theories encourage those responses, while at the same time giving élites an air of invincibility. As always, an analysis based on empirical reality delivers a better solution….and a much-needed optimism about the long-term victory of citizen power.
I doubt if any UK mainstream media carried this story, but over here in France some press titles and TV channels have been running analyses about a rare case of élite honesty. Emmanuel Macron admitted – in fact, boasted – earlier this week that French commandos are on the ground in Syria and have been since 2015. 
This gives a new twist to his involvement in Syria, but it’s not what you might immediately think – ie, that he’s just doing what the Pentagon tells him…
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