The Larger Loaf of Bread from the Distributed Web Perspective.

Hi Arrby, I think Steemit is very good, I also have High hopes for AKASHA.
I have been playing with IPFS for a couple of years and The Distributed Web is coming on very nicely.
WE-Tube is a good distributed net video streaming platform as well the networks are as yet below critical mass and the general state of WEB 3.0 is in BETA I think that in another 6 months things will be much more user-friendly and the network more developed.
Web 3 is uncensorable and the Powers That be clearly are not going to leave it alone to have an easy ride.
James Corbet did some very interesting videos when he closed his Twitter account. I am interested in establishing a cooperative mutual syndicate on web 3 which will leverage audience in the Corporate web and distribute revenues via smart contracts to “Content Providers”
This very Basic analysis shows how concentrated the Dominance is of the Huge Web Monopolies, this coupled with analogue/Digital Dinosaur Media and Corporate concentration of power does give an indication of how closely controlled access to revenue streams are for those of us outside of the Corporate Mainstream. The Answer is to Network and Combine into Media Flotillas that can increase Media Portal focus points through which Internet users can be directed to Internet gardens and landscapes they may never discover with the Google Satellite Navigation.
The distributed web is above all about Democracy. There are many watered down versions of democracy and also models of governance calling themselves democratic which are nothing of the sort. Your Platform, IPFS and Swarm and others I have not heard of, I am sure.,are at the Elite end of Computing. Within the proprietary software model even distributed systems would leave existing Elite hierarchies in control manipulating and rationing information and access to the fruits of what we call Society or civilisation.
Richard Stallman the founder of GNU describes what free software is.
´´Free software means the users have the freedom to run, copy, distribute, study, change and improve the software. Free software is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of “free” as in “free speech”, not as in “free beer”.
SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA).[3] They are built using the Merkle–Damgård structure, from a One-way compression function itself, built using the Davies-Meyer structure from a (classified) specialized block cipher.
The Decentralized Social Network, Akasha, Launches Web3 Site
So what is all the fuss about? Well, put simply there will not be and has not been much fuss,
there’s an old adage; ” when you see a bandwagon it’s always to late to get on”. Well on this one, the Bandwagon has actually just gone on
Beta testing it’s around the point that Ethereum was in late 2015 early 2016
It is exciting as it shows how the web 3 will work on top of the distributed Block Chain.
Free at last Free at last free at last!
Aristotle said money is created by Law not nature, this is true of FIAT money. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are presently created by convention or custom within a defined network lets call it the Blockchain space. Crypto is voluntary and very powerful but a very small fish in an ocean of FIAT money.
When Bitcoin or ETHER or Dash or any of the hundreds of COins are generally accepted and held in preference to other Money´s with STate/central bank sanction then the Bankers will have lost. Things are a far way from that point as most of the Greater Fool investment in the present bubble is not an investment but speculation where The speculator takes profits in FIAT currency, ultimately this ties Bitcoin to FIAT value which in itself is also illusory.
I Made these interactive Quizzes based upon the Positive Money Quiz By David Faraday and the money creation Survey of MP´s
In fact, the choice of Žižek as our theoretical foundation may be understood as a concession to the undecidability of money as an inherent feature of the phenomenon itself. Paraphrasing Lacan’s infamous slogan that ‘The woman does not exist’, our analytical approach to Bitcoin is underpinned by the following assumption: ‘Money does not exist’.This obviously does not mean that there is no actual money in the world but rather that money has no transhistorical essence, which would lend it to a general theoretical definition. Such approach to the study of money also puts us in line with Dodd’s recent invitation to ‘[embrace] all of the various empirical forms of money without lapsing into an arbitrary nominalism’
Bitcoin is in a huge Bubble, that should not be confused with Ponzi Schemes they are quite different things.
The essay quoted is quite old Ethereum had not come on the scene by then also the Rash Of Initial Coin Offerings is the sign of a Greater Fool Bandwagon. The Real Estate Bubblöes all over the world and other asset bubbles are no different.
Here is a psot I put up on Steemit.
Its the debts and liabilities on the Trump Empire Balance sheet that we really need to bear in mind when examining Trumps biggest claim to Authenticity. According to Trumps own boastful claims in debate, He Buys Politicians and as such can not himself be bought? To Examine that claim properly there are two questions we need to Ask. Does Trump control his liabilities or do they control him? Notwithstanding the old saying If you owe the bank a 100 dollars and can´t pay it back you have a problem if you owe the bank a million dollars and can´t pay it back the Bank has a problem. In real Estate remember the penalty for default is forfeiture. ´´He also has between $5 million and $25 million in his Capital One checking and savings account, and another $1 million to $5 million in J.P. Morgan Chase accounts.
´the WSJ tallies Trumps Cash position to call it 41 million dollars. Without rental income or cash generation figures from properties operated as opposed to leased out a true figure for Trumps cover of cash income and rents over Principal and interest liabilities is beyond the scope of this Blog. Certainly beyond its writer’s inclination to fathom, at any rate. As with Polling, probability based upon a statistically significant sample is sufficient for our purposes to decide this question. The preceding sketchy figures derived from Trump’s own solemn disclosure of qualified information to run for the Presidency of the US, not a trivial matter by any measure, will do. So what does this tell us.?
To do that let’s consider Leverage….
I have a problem with Wetuibe presently I have been unable to resolve a server timeout message I use D Tune and Bitchute as well but all of the services are glitchy right now that will change and functionality will improve. Burst Coin and SIA coin are very interesting crypto networks it is on top of the Blockchains that distributed web functionality can sit effectively it will allow for massive functionality and a cryptocurrency complementary currency ecosystem Mutualism is a very real threat to Capitalism in the WEB 3 space.
Effectively the political economy of the future will I believe concentrate in Mutual decentralised autonomous shared Use models over centralised hierarchical Ownership models.
Assumptions of Artifical scarcity and indeed actual reductions in energy outputs of energy resources leads to the destruction of human life, similarly waste generated by a need to provide artifical scarcity to support monopoly profit levels of price also lead to environmental destruction.
I have already started compiling notes on this question in these 3 previous blogs.



“every living thing can become healthy, strong and fruitful only within a horizon; if it is incapable of drawing a horizon around itself or, on the other hand, too selfish to restrict its vision to the limits of a horizon drawn by another, it will wither away feebly or over hastily to its early demise. Cheerfulness, clear conscience,the carefree deed, faith in the future, all this depends   in the case of an individual as well as of a people, on there being a line which  distinguishes what is clear and in full view from the dark and unilluminable; it depends on one’s being able to forget at the right time as well as to remember at the right time; on discerning with strong instinctual feelings when there is need to experience historically and when unhistorically. Precisely this is the proposition the reader is invited to consider:the unhistorical and the historical are equally necessary for the health of an individual, a people and a culture.


Friedrich Nietzsche: 1844-1900

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