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'An optimist would say, 'Half Full,' but I'm going that extra step and say you're Completely Full of it.'
‘An optimist would say, ‘Half Full,’ but I’m going that extra step and say you’re Completely Full of it.’

#126: What’s next for SEEDS?


Interview on You Tube ? Yes Please.

With SEEDS (the Surplus Energy Economics Data System) now fully operational, it seems logical to wonder about the uses to which it can or should be put. If this discussion doesn’t provide answers, it can, at least, set out some thoughts which might be of interest. As ever, readers’ comments will be very welcome.
For starters, SEEDS wasn’t built with any commercial end in view, still less from any wish to influence policy. Rather, the aim of the project was “to see if it could be done” – could the principles of an economy determined by energy (and not, fundamentally, by money) form the basis of a new way of interpreting events, and forecasting outcomes?
Accomplishing this turned out to be even more difficult than had seemed likely at the outset.
I was prepared for the ‘linguistic’ challenge of expressing energy-based concepts in the
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A You Tube video would be great Tim, Could I interview on Skype and I can send HTML code to embed it on your Blog and for folk to share?
Here’s an Interview I did with David Malone.


and a series of Interviews with Roy Madron.

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