#MMT, are they Gatekeepers of Usury or merely Infiltrated?


I am presently having a re-cap of my full research before finishing the Final Chapters of Conquest of Dough.
Revisiting this whole discussion here which started it all with Usury Hells Fuel Mans Oppressor.

Also, @RichardMurphy has recently got in on the JohnG and Mike Hall Act, Mike Hall strangely showed up in the Richard Murphy dummy spitting a few weeks back see the reading list thread.




  1. Mike Hall February 7, 2016 at 4:29 pm # 
    Haha.. I popped by first time in ages, to see what’s happening here.. (nice to be remembered Stevie!)
    Many thanks and kudos for the sheer patience and tenacity in responding to the sophistry and verbal diarrhoea on steroids of the mentally disturbed Wesley and Roger.
    Great clarity and succinctly made points from yourself – quite useful to me, as I continue to write (as best I can) from an MMT paradigm pov. 🙂
    David (Golem)
    Much as I appreciated John’s posts, Roger and Wesley’s posts could do with some serious moderating effort. I guess you haven’t much time, but I would suggest deleting them when they can’t keep them down in size and at least vaguely relevant to what they are ostensibly debating. You’ll note I’m not mentioning Spartacus Rex’s equally nutjob posts, because he at least keeps them short enough to be tolerably skipped over. But Roger and Wesley should really be told to go and start their own blogs, not clog yours up, if they continue to monopolise it.
    I’m afraid I still think your talents in program making (vs party political endeavours) would be far better utilised toward production of some mass education videos aimed at exposing the mainstream intellectual fraud in macro and monetary economics. We badly need something pitched at the introductory level, but with enough detail to show the kind of possibilities that MMT understanding gives us. (I do wish somebody would make a decent (audible!) version of Wray and Mitchell’s brilliant ‘buckaroos’ lecture. That was a light bulb monent for me understanding modern money.)
    Anyhow, love your sciencey/philosophy programs 🙂
    • Roger February 7, 2016 at 4:51 pm # 
      Sent to Davids private e mail.
      Hi David,
      I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.
      Mike Hall has now pitched in on the Golem Blog cajoling for heavy moderation and deletion of my posts and those of Wesley, I find this rather rich given the abuse which Johng has been hurling around and also given Mikes censorious past efforts.
      I have begun to wonder if MMT is some sort of controlled opposition gatekeeping effort I see that Toby Russel ran into similar tendencies in the MMT crowd back in 2011 I can only assume they have got rather worse. I fully expect that Welsey and SParitcus Rex will take Mike to Task
      I am in two minds whether or not to bother responding as his comment is pure puffery. I do find the censorship he is advocating offensive though.
      I am sure you are very busy and do hope we can catch up as we thought we might be able to do on Skype later,
      All the best
    • Wesley w Mike Haller February 8, 2016 at 2:11 am # 
      Mike Hall: Your remark may be seen to step well over the line into the region of slander.
      Your contribution to this fine entry is devoid of merit or substance! Are you in politics? Or a paid-shill of the MMT collective/hive? Both? Or are you really JohnG, talking to yourself, and in disguise?
      While correlation does not equal causation, it would seem my premise concerning the inability of MMTers to read is indeed true! Or, perhaps it’s something in the Kool-Aid that automatically filters all dissenting views to the MMT gospel…
      BTW JohnG: Another day has passed. Have you yet given David your affirmative consent and urged him to remove your profane utterances above? Perhaps with an apology. They still seem to whet the air with the sickly smell of distemper… If you have, send us all some positive vibes – and I’ll write-off their continued soiling of these pages to an understandable lack of time on the part of the host to attend to such unfortunate time wasters.

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