MI5, MI6, Mossad and CIA , Free Speech and Social Medias Useful Idiots. #JusticeForAlsionChabloz #FreeTommyRobinson #AquitDunkula & Was the AG Consulted?


Abusive CAA-approved Twitter trolls sparked Songs of the Shoah

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Both of these cases and the Dunkula Case are very important. My own belief is that all 3 victims of State over-reach are useful idiots to some extent for an overarching authoritarian power grab by the Corporate State.
Free Speech is our best weapon against Authoritarian excesses of an All-powerful state so Each of these 3 deserves our Support and Solidarity regardless of how we view each of the Three as Individuals. #JusticeForAlsionChabloz #FreeTommyRobinson #AquitDunkula On Contempt these guidance notes I think suggest a Good QC would overturn Tommy’s conviction, I would also be interested to know if the Attorney General was consulted as per the Guidance Notes.
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First off, a slight correction as to my speculations yesterday regards the Tommy Robinson affair. Apparently, Robinson was aware of reporting restrictions on the case. He simply did not understand why these restrictions were in place, namely to avoid jury contamination. Everyone has the right to fair trial. Similar restrictions are currently in place for several high-profile nationalist trials. We cannot complain about contempt rules only when it suits us. Readers will have decide for themselves whether or not Robinson’s actions were deliberately intended to a) jeopardise potential convictions and/or b) to deflect attention away from my case. The most relevant point is that it is indeed the issue of free speech which is the prime motivator of current support for Robinson. We now need to open his supporters’ eyes to those who are in fact behind the desire to further limit our most precious of freedoms.

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    The Jury of public opinion is still very much out on this. Forget the Barack Room Lawyers this one will be argued in higher courts by senior QC’s
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    One suspects the legalities of all of this are going to get more attention. The Pleading seems suspect as proper counsel was denied the defendant. Was the Court still in session, Jurors were reported to be arriving at court through the front entrance? This needs clarification.

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