The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, CO2, Population, Low productivity , MAGA, Some Feed Back from History.

  • Very promising again. The UK recently allowed Hinkley point to go ahead which is due to start producing overpriced electricity sometime in the 2020’s. Many scientists were opposed to it – but out politicians wanted it (not the least so China wouldn’t be upset).
    I just feel that all these new technologies are going to be 15 years too late.
  • Hi Donald, 15 years too late for what?
    Catastrophists are forever moving out the dates of their dire predictions.
    Personally, I do not think it is even a glass half full or glass half empty problem.
    Natural Gas is quickly going to surpass Oil as the primary fuel source for an interregnum period, Coal stands by as a Fisrts reserve to Gas, Both of which will keep the lights on beyond 2050, when Oil is slated to have been used beyond economic (whatever that is, usefulness.
    Meanwhile, in the youth team, we are bringing forward a promising crop of new players both in Attack ( generation ) and in Defence ( Storage) our Midfield strength in depth is also coming along very nicely with modern materials technology allowing for much more to be achieved with much less.
    The most likely causes of the demise of our species is Nuclear Holocaust, this is by no means a certainty most of humanity does not believe it is possible to win a Nuclear War, MAD is still mad and most of the Human species is not Mad,
    The other likely causes of our demises are Either Volcanic or Meteoric ( Asteroid ) collision events. There are plenty of sources of how likely and when these events are to occur, can we take precautionary measures against any of them, Maybe if we get lucky with the solutions we apply. I have been musing about how one might alleviate supervolcano activity? is it possible for instance to cause the magma pool to relieve horizontally rather than vertically avoiding at least the worse effects of a Volcanic winter? this could be a useful way of disposing of nuclear warheads? Shooting Eart impact Asteroids out of collision orbits could also be quite a good sport in the future.
    Then there are the biological threats from pandemics, The Bird Flu, and Ebola Scares, even AIDS has been mooted as the coup de grace for our species at various points in the recent past.
    Population levels slow down when infant mortality rates drop, and education levels increase with both an understanding of contraception and an incentive to use it naturally sees most people choosing to have smaller families, getting into the sociology and psychology of all of that is not necessary but google Hans Rosling and he has many lectures and ted talks on YouTube setting out the empirical evidence.
    What the Human Family faces is not a production problem or even an Energy problem it is a distribution problem. The distribution mechanisms of Debt based financialised Capitalism do not operate efficiently under current potentials for production and distribution, There are many flavours of Capitalism, the less Greed Centred ones tend to do better based on the evidence available in Capitalisms brief history.
    As a bit of light relief, this is a fun way of giving a hat tip to Bastiat’s petition of the Candlemakers.
    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been with us since the first century AD, what are they and what do they signify?
    As empire prosperity
    “According to Edward Bishop Elliott’s interpretation, that the Four Horsemen represent a prophecy of the subsequent history of the Roman Empire, the white color of this horse signifies triumph, prosperity and health in the political Roman body. For the next 80 or 90 years succeeding the banishment of the apostle John to Patmos covering the successive reigns of the emperors Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian and the two Antonines (Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius), a golden age of prosperity, union, civil liberty and good government unstained with civil blood unfolded. The agents of this prosperity personified by the rider of the white horse are these five emperors wearing crowns that reigned with absolute authority and power under the guidance of virtue and wisdom, the armies being restrained by their firm and gentle hands.[6]:129–131,134
    This interpretation points out that the bow was preeminently a weapon of the inhabitants of the island of Crete and not of the Roman Empire in general. The Cretans were renowned for their archery skills. The significance of the rider of the white horse holding a bow indicates the place of origin of the line of emperors ruling during this time. This group of emperors can be classed together under one and the same head and family whose origins were from Crete.[6]:140,142–144
    According to this interpretation, this period in Roman history, remarkable, both at its commencement and at its close, illustrated the glory of the empire where its limits were extended, though not without occasional wars, which were always uniformly triumphant and successful on the frontiers. The triumphs of the Emperor Trajan, a Roman Alexander, added to the empire Dacia, Armenia, Mesopotamia and other provinces during the course of the first 20 years of the period, which deepened the impression on the minds of the barbarians of the invincibility of the Roman Empire. Roman war progressed triumphantly into the invader’s own territory, and the Parthian war was successfully ended by the total overthrow of those people. Roman conquest is demonstrated even in the most mighty of these wars, the Marcomannic succession of victories under the second Antonine unleashed on the German barbarians, driven into their forests and reduced to Roman submission.[6]:131–133” From Wikipedia.
    Looking back to Rome and to the previous Hegemonic Empires, and subsequent ones what can we learn regarding our present local difficulties.
    Apparently, Gandhi said there is enough provided by nature in this world to satisfy all needs but there will never be enough to satisfy human greed.
    The answer to that observation is surely to incentivise and reward moderation and cease celebrating and promoting Greed?
    Ruskin Said this regarding Wealth.
    “The whole question, therefore, respecting not only the
    advantage, but even the quantity, of national wealth, resolves
    itself finally into one of abstract justice. It is impossible to
    conclude, of any given mass of acquired wealth, merely by the
    fact of its existence, whether it signifies good or evil to the
    nation in the midst of which it exists. Its real value depends on
    the moral sign attached to it, just as sternly as that of a
    mathematical quantity depends on the algebraical sign attached to
    it. Any given accumulation of commercial wealth may be
    indicative, on the one hand, of faithful industries, progressive
    energies, and productive ingenuities: or, on the other, it may be
    indicative of mortal luxury, merciless tyranny, ruinous chicane.
    Some treasures are heavy with human tears, as an ill-stored
    harvest with untimely rain; and some gold is brighter in sunshine
    than it is in substance.” Ruskin, Unto this Last, Veins of wealth.



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