Internsectionalism and White/Elite/Class Privilege in the Climate Belief systems of #MemeWarriorsForClimateJesus. Climate Change Science is Part of Political Science not Climatology.

— Roger Glyndwr Lewis (@RogerGLewis) July 4, 2018

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“Two black blokes and a northerner” An astute satire on the leadership elections of @TheGreenParty by @RogerGLewis. . I thought at first Glance that banner read Climate Jesus now? is Al Gore Climate Jesus? or, is it Gavin Schmit or Michael Mann? 




On a more serious note not all Environmentalists like myself are remotely impressed by or taken in by the Climate Beliefs movement, what we do recognise though is that Energy is wrapped up in the levels of prosperity achievable for the Human Family : Mark Steyns lates quipp on Iran is interesting in this context as well. #SteynKnocksitout of the park #weatherControl #ClimateChange #ArcticIce #IceAgesandDroughts #ColdandAridity #MemeSeeding #GenWesleyClark #PatrickClawson #WhatstheMilitaryIndustrialComplexEverDoneForUsorTheUSA Climate Change “Science” is actually a Branch of Political Economy and the Dismal Science Economics.

Huff Post: Climate Activist Green Groups “Lack Diversity”


Guest essay by Eric Worrall
Too much focus on protecting white polar bears, not enough focus on protecting “marginalized communities”.
Fighting Climate Change Means Fighting Inequality And Intolerance
No issue exists in a vacuum, including climate change.
By Phil Newell
07/03/2018 11:34 am ET
Prejudice undermines science
Last month, Nexus Media reported on a study that found that in the years after Barack Obama took office, white Americans were less likely to see climate change as a serious problem. The finding held even after controlling for partisanship, ideology, education, church attendance and employment. The study further noted a link between racial resentment and climate change denial. While this research leaves many questions unanswered, its findings accord with the experience of many people of color who work on climate change.
A lack of diversity undermines advocacy
Like scientific bodies, large environmental groups are guilty of a lack of diversity. These organizations are largely bereft of the talents and perspectives of people of color. For years, advocates have focused on threats to polar bears while ignoring the more immediate and disturbing threats that air pollution and climate change pose to marginalized communities. African-American children, for example, die from asthma attacks at ten times the rateof their white peers, and yet Americans are more likely to see climate change as an environmental issue than a public health issue.
University of Michigan sociologist Dorceta Taylor explained how green groups should address this disparity in a recent interview with Yale360. “One of the things they should be doing is stop being so afraid of people of color, and meet them, interact with them, cultivate them, and start recruiting them,” she said. “If all the people I talked to, and knew, and interacted with were black, no one would take me particularly seriously  —  I have to engage multi-culturally.”
Xenophobia obscures the suffering of climate refugees
It is impossible to ignore the allegations of druggingwater contamination and physical and mental abuse of children at the hands of the American government. The separation of immigrant families will likely have long-term psychological ramifications on these children. This is a crisis of humanity and, like most everything else, it too has a climate connection.
Misogyny and heteronormativity hamper our responses to climate change
I’m must say I’m impressed by Phil’s effort, he clearly spends a lot of time late at night sitting up thinking about the interconnections between various issues.
Mulga Mumblebrain
Your denialist thesis falls at the first hurdle. Only some of the fakestream media supports the thesis of anthropogenic climate destabilisation caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The hard Right fakestream media is still, like you, fully denialist, and much of the rest actively downplays the gravity of the situation. Hardly surprising at all, as fossil fuels represent the ‘greatest material prize in history’.
We must recall that the anthropogenic climate destabilisation theory is supported by >99% of recently published climate scientists. The US Academy of Science declared it ‘settled science’, and ALL the Academies of Science and scientific societies on the planet concur. Moreover denialism becomes more than usually lunatic, even for a Rightist, when global average temperatures are rising rapidly, Arctic temperatures are now often ten to forty degrees Celsius above average, the jet-streams are increasingly deranged, montane glaciers are disappearing world-wide, Arctic summer sea ice is rapidly disappearing, Antarctic glaciers are melting and destabilising far quicker than expected, the AMOC is at its weakest for 1600 years and still rapidly weakening further, records of leaf and flower budding and opening of plants show rapid changes, the permafrost line in the northern hemisphere is rapidly heading north, megafires are raging across the Earth and I could go on all day. To deny all that takes real fanaticism, but some hard-core Rightists are still down to the task.


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Excellent Virtue signalling Theresa. Meanwhile, nom’s now closed Bad Luck! #GreenPartyLeadership2018 🔰 🏴@Greens4Liberty @TheGreenParty “Two black blokes and a northerner” An astute satire on the leadership elections of @brightgrn … #NotTheLeaderShipCoups

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Has the Holocaust replaced Calvary at the Christian festival of Easter?

Has the Holocaust replaced Calvary at the Christian festival of Easter?



Guest essay by Eric Worrall
Psychology Today author Patricia Prijatel thinks the silence of Germans oppressed by the NAZIs is comparable to not talking about the alleged dangers of anthropogenic climate change.

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