Green Party what comes first. Human Suffering or Environment. The Green Party and Misanthropy!

Interestingly Clive Lord has nothing to say about Policy EC661 in his analysis, this is a huge oversight. Clive in his support of Citizens Basic income completely fails to understand how this is best achieved by a distributive monetary System and not a redistributive taxation System. Clive and I discussed this in 2016.

The Magic Money Tree and Private Banks, misunderstood and kind to small children and animals? or, Just another Fix of Crony Capitalists

Original Post-August 2016, Updated for Election 2017.

Neo-Liberalism, Billy No Mates? , or, just misunderstood and kind to small children and animals

 Discussion with Founder member of The people’s party/Ecology Party and Now The Greens Clive Lord.

In the recent hustings for the Green Party leadership for the Green Party of England and Wales, I have had a few interesting dialogues with Clive Lord and sought out some of his writing to see what made and still makes him Tick. I have also had a similar exchange of tweets and comments with Dereck Wall another former speaker candidate for the Green Party of England and Wales.

Clives Stich is citizens income or universal basic income. Its mine too so we have a common objective and our reasoning to get to that place one would think would be similar. Well to answer that yes and no. Clive and I agree that exponential growth on a finite planet is impossible and that the strain on the Common resources of the planet is to great and decisions uninformed by externalities are less than sensible. We are in a completely different place on Political Economy though and our understanding of Money and Money creation.

Clive recently Blogged under the title.





A word from Clive Lord on the GPLE2018 . Interesting questions
The point about stridency in Shahrarś Palestinian Solidarity speech is to be expected


in the rough and tumble of a Leadership campaign where Clive is so clearly


what might charitably be termed Pro Environment over Humanity,


I call it Misanthropy myself.
Here is the video Clive claims not to be able to find.



My main concern is the need to elect Andrew Cooper as Deputy Leader, and Liz Reason as Chair of GPex. But first, the main Leadership contest. My weblog of 16.6.2016 declaring myself a candidate then remains relevant
The Leadership two years ago was a foregone conclusion. “It mustn’t be a coronation” everyone cried. But it was. Caroline Lucas carried the almost unknown Jonathan Bartley with her with 90% of first preference votes.
Will it be similar this time? Jonathan has proved competent and media savvy, and Sian Berry is as near as possible to a Caroline Lucas clone – for better and for worse.
I do not need to dwell on Sian’s positive qualities: she too is adept at handling the media, has long experience as a high profile member of the Party, and additionally she is photogenic, something she once had to joke about in these gender equality times.
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3 thoughts on “Green Party what comes first. Human Suffering or Environment. The Green Party and Misanthropy!

  1. I am finding it difficult to keep up with Roger Lewis’s posts. Apols if I miss any. On the money tree question, I tried to follow a decades long discussion, and finally arrived at my starting view that it came down to mind-sets.
    The positive money people have never answered two linked issues to my satisfaction. They seem to ingnore velocity of money circulation. If expectations are high, so is velocity, and low expectations likewise. Money responds to expectations, though it can be a two way process, hence the interminable inconclusive discussion.
    The other puzzle for me is how does writing a debt off differ from the positive money concept of creating debt free money? Maybe Roger’s anwer is in there somewhere, but yes, it is these two issues which allow me to see the basic income, coupled with taxes as one of the tools, to manage expectations in a way appropriate for ecological sustainability.

  2. Mind you, I do not accept Roger Lewis’s judgment that I err on the side of ecology where it conflicts with humanity. That impression could be due to the underlying reality that humanity will get short shrift if we do not get the ecology right.

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