A Grand Cross Party "Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament", Still not to late, to Save ourselves from Ourselves and Europe from themselves. Fog in Channel Europe Cut Off.




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My Own Take is that A Grand cross party coalition is still the best solution to liberating ourselves and in turn from the EU commision Stalinists.
So Lets see what are the Salient points , the ideas and concerns that are Out there and relevant to our lives, The NHS, Bankers that are too big to jail, We were not all in the Austerity together, Tax Dodgers, Food Banks, The Fitness for work murders under Ian Duncan Smith, The Bedroom Tax, The Housing Crisis, Zero Hours Contracts. In short, The Massive Breach of the Social Contract, sealed in blood sweat and tears and written by the Post-War Labour Government as the answer to all the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents in Two World Wars.



If the Tory Big Beasts read opinion polls and pay heed to the Whips, then they will drive May from office without delay


me1511172 Constructing and examining the less than perfect options available to the Conservative Party today, it seems to me obvious that persevering with Prime Minister Pillowcase can only lead to leadership chaos and the potential for Corbyn to take charge of Number Ten. Will the old Nasties tell her to go? If they have any thinking material left between their ears, they must do so immediately.



A Grand Cross Party “Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament”

Update 9th July 2018, BRINO Chequers Crisis.

The Prime Minister has been struggling quite cleverly within the constraints of her self-imposed chains and red lines. Would it not be a bit easier for her if she acted in the way that Clement Attlee acted in the 1941 crisis and we worked together in the national interest to deal with this crisis? Carrying on as we are will not succeed, and she knows it.
The Government have put forward a proposal in the national interest. There are differences across this House, as has been obvious from a number of Opposition Members who want us to stay in a customs union and want us to stay in the single market, which in my view would not be keeping faith with the vote of the British people.




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