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This just in,

 Our opinionator at the UN reports.
Hello Moira, The big opinion here at the UN is fluid, and a dreadful crisis of Opinion has caused rather a big fuss. Rather than offer the usual fake opinions of other outlets here at the BBC our superior opinionating has been quoted widely as a trustworthy opinion from trustworthy sources. The New York Times indeed lead today with My own opinion and it is somewhat humbling to be offering an opinion singled out to join all the other opinions fit to Print.

Hello John, this is Moira back in the Studio, well done on your Scoop it’s not often that we are the first to express our opinion in this age of Social media and Alternative opinions. The News editorial in the Times of London seems at odds with the opinion you have reported. Are you surprised to find an apparent contradiction in the factual news editorial to your own reported Opinion?

Yes, Moira, I read that News editorial with interest I would remind our listeners that the Times of London News Editorial is, in fact, a factual news piece and the consensus opinion of my fellow opinionators here in New York and the Lobby in Washington have felt secure in the consensus of that opinion. To be clear, that the consensus is;  that the facts simply do not support the consensus in this case and our collective consensus opinion is that the Facts are not a correct reflection of how we feel about it.

Now back to you Moira in the studio,

That’s all we have time for tonight viewers from Opinions at Ten, tune in tomorrow morning for the Breakfast Opinion at 8 am, Goodnight.



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