#Brexit , #NetenyahuNeoLiberalZionism Brino and the One State Solution.


The weak crumble, are slaughtered and are erased from history while the strong, for good or for ill, survive. The strong are respected, and alliances are made with the strong, and in the end peace is made with the strong.
Who said that, answers on a Postcard.
May is part of the political class’s plan to usher in the Centrist party.(top down bureaucratic govt with no elections =one-party state =Juncker’s preferred option). That’s why she doesn’t give a stuff about what the grassroots think or about destroying the Conservative party. Corbyn similarly is making a Labour government untenable. Into the void steps Cable (who has been out to Brussels stirring the pot) and his move to bring in an unelected leader, rumoured to be she who must not be mentioned in case the internet collapses (g.m). Today, Tiny Tim Fallon is squeaking up about a centrist party. The rump of the Libdem party (12 MPs) will form the launch pad. Blair in everything but name (too toxic). Et voilà, that’s top and bottom of it. The Hammond/May spat is merely a confected diversion to keep our eyes off the ball.
This comment seems spot on from the Daily Mail.
The Neo Liberal End Game both in Israel and In Europe is encapsulated in The first Statement. The comment in the Daily Mail tells us all we need to know about the coming of an Overt Single Partly UK State.
Corbyn could win an election John , you called the last one wrong. The question is would Corbyn be allowed to win the next election?
I suspect that Corbyn will not be allowed to win the next election but that is a completely different point.
mesmile The British Fifth Column can calm down: Remexit is coming. The rest of us should start worrying now, because after March 2019 the potential econo-fiscal meltdown on the European mainland will be mixing unpredictably with chaotic political change in Britain.
I’ll start today if I may with a look inside the brain of the The Guardian Remaindeer. Clearly, they’ve all studied hard at the Adonis University of Leaping Melodrama. Yesterday, Simon Jenkins (a man I do like, by the way) had a temporary loss of reason when he wrote a piece for the The GormlessOne, in which the headline announced, ‘Hooligan Brexiters now offer a mad, dystopian future nobody voted for’.
The article suffered from the usual sins of omission and joining up of any dots relating to how we got to where we are – viz, by Whitehall and Parliament behaving like Remainers and Brussels refusing to…
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