Is Left and Right or Rich and Poor the real political Divide?#JeSuisBourgoiseBlancHomme #ConquestofDough



The Left-Right thing John? Really New Labour Left Wing? in what sense. The Atlee Government implemented huge reforms including the NHS. Was this left or right or just good common sense.
Comprehensive education replacing Grammar Schools and Secondary Moderns? that one can run and run but is it really Left and Right, at its heart I would say not, perhaps for the hard of thinking it is.
What about Council Housing? was selling of the National Stock of Council housing really about making more petit capitalists or really about increasing the debt. What about Student Grants are Tuition fees about providing market discipline or about creating debt peons? Debt Based money is also not a left-right thing, the Soviet Union had a debt based central banking model.
Belloc said that the Enlightenment was a rising of the rich against the poor and Calvin actually wrote, That the poor must be kept poor so that they remain obedient.
On Left and Right I find it a deeply unsatisfactory Label, it negates the timbre and shading in peoples make up which is a complex thing. Rich and Poor is a much stronger classification upon which we can hang hard numbers.
What hard numbers?
1. After 60k a year people are not significantly any happier
2. Designation of a Super High Net worth individual is 30 million dollars of which there are
3.The percentage of the population who are net receivers of Interest. ( less than 10%)
I will not go on but there are lots of measures which one can actually measure reliably which do not boil down to is it left or right but certainly do boil down to are they indicators of being Rich or Poor.

My question then is this. How much is enough, how little is too little and in whose interests does the Left-Right Meme really work? I think that the idea of Left and Right is very convenient for our Oligarchical Lords and Masters I think the Rich and Poor designation is rather more inconvenient.
I have not added links or references but will happily elaborate upon any of the 3 listed examples.

“TINA” and the Left Right Thing. ‘COWBOY WIRING’ no Polarity.


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