World Wide Guitar Collaboration Free Speech guitar Club #GrubStreetJournal


A  fantastic experience world wide collaboration of our on line guitar Club.

The Free Speech Guitar Club. FSGC.

[quote=”Cosmitron”]So here’s a topic dedicated to the collaboration started with a very basic binary 4/4 drum pattern at 120 bpm.
The collaboration is some sort of a game open to anyone who could send me any kind of sound, any style, any chords, singing, percussions, tambourine etc… as long as it’s based on the same speed.
I’ll manage to mix it, and anyone would be free to discuss the result remix it etc… until the players (gamers?) involved are satisfied. 🙂

This can be very slow until we get to the end of this project, but hey, this a long road to the top, right? 😉

Here’s Lewis original input:
[i][size=85]Lewis is too generous and offered a whole arranged song. With his very kind permission, I took some samples of it to let free space for other participants.[/size][/i]

Here’s Peter’s input:

Phillip’s input:

Steve’s input:

And here are the first results in order of mixing appearance:

the drums:
Download link:

Peter’s input and some bass:
Download link:

Enhanced with Lewis guitar, plus some bass and some guitars I’ve added:
Download link:

Magnified with Phillip’s strumming:
Download link:

With stellar Steve unmistakable tone:
Download link:

Same as aboved with arrangements:
Download Link:

And here’s a voices test!
Download link:

with Joseph’s great voice:
Download Link:

With Kauchi tremendous shreddy take:
download Link:

And Jorge magic tone and voice:
Download Link:

Updated with Phillip’s genius voices.
Download Link:

Hope you guys will enjoy it, and give it a try 😉

in order of appearance:

Jorge: Spoken 0:06-0:15  3:56-4:03

Lewis: Lead vocals 0:16-0:48  1:08-1:22  1:54-2:08
Rap 2:13-2:28

Gerald: Backing 0:34-0:57  1:10-1:22  1:27-1-35  1:54-2:09
Oolas 3:22-3:54
Speaking 3:23-3:52

Joseph: Leado the do Vocals: 0:35-0:58
Lead 1:23-1:54  2:09-2:24
Backing 1:35-1:54  2:09-2:24

Phillip: Ooos 3:55-4:08
Choir 4:19-4:34  Spring Choir 4:42-4:56

Steve: Speaking 4:05-4:08  6:24-6:34

[i][b]Guitars:[/b] [/i]
Peter: Main riff 0:01-1:05  1:54-2:10  3:54-4:10

Jorge: Fill in licks 0:33-1:00  1:09-1:14  1:48-1:59  4:05-4:12

Lewis: Solo 0:33 (fade in)-1:06  Riff (right): 1:06-1:54

Gerald: Arpeggios/fill in licks (left) 1:06-2:04  2:18-2:34  2:48-2:51
Answering Kauchi Solo: 2:48-3:07 Answering Phillip’s Solo: 3:50-3:54
Funk lick: 4:02-4:10 Introducing/backing Kauchi’s Solo: 4:16-4:50
Spaghetti Fill in: 4:58-5:13

Phillip: Kiff Riffage 1:54-3:50 Solo 3:40-3:50

Kauchi: Solo 2:34-2:50  3:06-3:23  4:18-4:43

Steve: Arpeggios 4:10-6:20

[i][b]Bass/Keys:[/b][/i] Gerald

[i][b]Lyrics:[/b] [/i]Lewis/Joseph/Phillip/Steve/Jorge [i][b]Music:[/b] [/i]Peter/Phillip/Steve
[i][b]Arrangements:[/b][/i] Free Speech Guitar Club.[/list][/quote]


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