THE BREXIT LESSON: As long as there is no common ground in Britain, we shall be divided and ruled

Hi, John, The latest on the Surplus Energy Economics Blog is well worth a read.

I think Dr Tim Morgans Seeds index is a very powerful tool for diagnosis, on remedy’s I am more optimistic than Tim.
Regarding Taxation, the Pigou Dalton Principle is worth a google, the psychology of pecking orders is very real.

Corbyn is odds on for next PM and the Bookies are saying there will most likely be an election this year. The Polls are interesting only in that the Last survation Poll at end October had Labour ahead, now 6 points behind but on discredited polling methods, see Brexit and 2017 and 2015 polling catastrophes for details and of course US 2016.

On Polling of demand for a “people’s vote” the statistical stupidity of the Main Stream pundits continues to be a marvel of Idiocy. The supposed turn around in opinion merely reflects the figures which proved to be false ahead of the referendum, Wikipedia has good articles with all of the data for anyone who wants to have a good laugh.

We are certainly living in a Rovian Actors in History farce at the moment.

The Slog.

methoughtful Today is a day for counting the numbers – and while numbers aren’t everything, they do count if we really are to become a Nation governed for the needs of the contributory Many. Ideologues of Left, Right, globalism and neoconservatism represent the contemporary narratives obeyed by most….but accepted by a dwindling minority. This is a bad time for the deserving and the decent, and haymaking time for totalitarians. Britain must look for a way, from now on, to be on the right side of history. Achieving Sovereign Brexit is but one small part of that, but it is a vitally important first step.


It’s been fun writing the Brexit Follies over the last five days. The Quasimodo Quintet I chose to feature – Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy Hunt, Dominic Grieve, John Bercow and Jean Claude-Juncker – may have felt like eating a chalk and cheese sandwich, but in…

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