The Not So Noble Climate Lie. Climate Propaganda and Election Meddling.

This is absolutely fascinating John.
I am a regular reader of Watts up with that and a pesky Denier, strangely I am also a fully paid up tree hugger.
This is such a fantastic tracker for how propaganda works in the Twitteratti.
One obeservation Twitter as a whole whichever polarity is yelling at the other belong to a common group that place far too much emphasis on Twitter as an influencer out side of ingroup biases in my opinion.
I did some posts on how the polling for 2015, Brexit, Trump and 2017 elections had also now become affected by a Rovian Actors in History
Syndrome, If we say it it will be so.!/v/tonefreqhz/znusmmz2


Screenshot from 2019-01-17 16-43-39.png

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Intro by Carbon Brief…

Twitter has become a popular social media platform for discussing climate change. A wide range of people across the world now use Twitter — scientists, politicians, campaigners, journalists, etc — to converse about the topic.

But amid the sheer volume of chatter, it’s often hard to get a top-down sense of who the most influential users are on Twitter — and where they “sit” within the Twitter “universe” compared to other users.

So Carbon Brief has commissioned Right Relevance to start harvesting data from Twitter and use it to build maps periodically showing how the influencers within the climate change conversation shift over time.

Below, John Swain from Right Relevance explains the methodology and highlights some key findings from the first wave of analysis. In the coming months, Carbon Brief will publish updated maps created by Right Relevance, as well as expand the analysis to also look at the Twitter conversation about energy issues, such as nuclear power, wind farms, solar energy, shale gas and coal.

But we begin with analysis of the full month of March 2016…




Re visited this for a comment on Watts Up With That.In The Uk we have a guy Called Prof Brian Cox, he pulls the same schtick. He was the one in the Aussie debunking show debunking here. With his #Graff”


rogerglewis 9:49 am on September 24, 2017 Permalink | Reply | Edit | Follow Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works Re visited this for a comment on Watts Up With That.In The Uk we have a guy Called Prof Brian Cox, he pulls the same schtick. He was the one in the Aussie debunking show debunking here. With his #Graff” CLimate science propaganda has become about signalling belief and testing faith even in the most ridiculous concepts this article elaborates on the point vis, General Political propaganda.




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