ANALYSIS: Why the descriptor ‘NEWS’ is no longer valid. One Party State Elysium Nirvana, #BrexNicked


January 19, 2019 at 3:18 am
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May is part of the political class’s plan to usher in the Centrist party.(top down bureaucratic govt with no elections =one-party state =Juncker’s preferred option). That’s why she doesn’t give a stuff about what the grassroots think or about destroying the Conservative party. Corbyn similarly is making a Labour government untenable. Into the void steps Cable (who has been out to Brussels stirring the pot) and his move to bring in an unelected leader, rumoured to be she who must not be mentioned in case the internet collapses (g.m). Today, Tiny Tim Fallon is squeaking up about a centrist party. The rump of the Libdem party (12 MPs) will form the launch pad. Blair in everything but name (too toxic). Et voilà, that’s top and bottom of it. The Hammond/May spat is merely a confected diversion to keep our eyes off the ball.

Comment in Daily Mail.

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It’s already hapåpened with En Marche? come from nowhere.Same thing happening in Germany and here in Sweden we already have PR and a hung parliament as a default setting.

Martin Armstrong, This exchange with my Grumpy old man Mate Mike.

Ocasio-Cortez Gets Seat on House Financial Services Committee Overseeing Wall Street

As time moves on the USA becomes an exponential basket case……classic failing empire story

Hi Mike, worryingly all the gatekeepers of all stripes are frontrunning a Third Party arising from the ashes, even Farage. A precursor to a one part state. A comment in an article you linked to some time ago got it right I think.


#Brexit , #NetenyahuNeoLiberalZionism Brino and the One State Solution.

“The computer continues to show that both parties will decline and a third party will rise from the ashes.” Oh good lord Nostrafuckindamus already?

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paywall on this from 2016.

Reversing Brexit
Instead of rushing Brexit, Europe’s leaders should be trying to avert it, by persuading British voters to change their minds. The aim should not be to negotiate the terms of departure, but to negotiate the terms on which most British voters would want to remain.

LONDON – How should the European Union respond to the narrow decision by voters in the United Kingdom to leave? European leaders are now focusing, rightly, on how to prevent other countries from leaving the EU or the euro. The most important country to be kept in the club is Italy, which faces a referendum in October that could pave the way for the anti-euro Five Star Movement to take power.

Europe’s fear of contagion is justified, because the Brexit referendum’s outcome has transformed the politics of EU fragmentation. Before, advocates of leaving the EU or euro could be ridiculed as fantasists or denounced as fascists (or ultra-leftists). This is no longer possible.

Brexit has turned “Leave” (whether the EU or the euro) into a realistic option in every European country. Once Britain gives the Union formal notice (by invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon), that option will enter the mainstream of political debate everywhere. Research by the European Council on Foreign Relations has found 34 anti-EU referendum demands in 18 other countries. Even if each of these challenges has only a 5% chance of success, the probability of at least one succeeding is 83%.

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Its late/early so will not pretty this up. But keep Slooging at it John



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