PARODY: One Day in the Life of Ivan Jonesobitch


‘It is my sad duty to report that the subject still prefers to live in a place where surreal leaps of logic enjoy considerably more engagement in his mind than more empirical neoliberal arguments….for example, trickle-down wealth, the obvious economic push given by the wealthy few, deregulation of financial markets and so forth. I would strongly recommend that his parole be denied’.

Both men went to sleep that night secure in the sense of having won. Which, in a way, they had.

Only humanity had lost.

For the record, I am not a racist, a communist, a fascist, a globalist, a socialist, a sexual orientation bigot, a neoliberal or a nationalist. I am an entrepreneurial communitarian mutualist who believes in offering the greatest fulfilment and responsibility to the greatest possible number of people.


Vintage Slog.


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