Wikipedia Editing. My Prageological Manifesto

I was invited to vote in a consensus issue on Wikipedia today, I had a read of my profile talk page and thought this clarification from 2016 when I was trying to make a contribution in kind to David Malones green leadership campaign kind of explained my own reasons for doing what I do. I particularly was struck by

I have no conflict of interest and whilst my degree of commitment to the ideals I believe in might strike some as odd it is no more odd than being a Wikipedia editor.


A portmento of pragmatic and ideological .

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Hello, I am happy to clarify any specific questions. I would point out there is a difference between being interested and having a conflict of interest the distinction is I think clearly seen from what I have already said and my conduct also bears out the fact that no evidence points to a conflict of interest being evident or indeed latent by making inappropriate or biased edits. I have reviewed the relevant policies posted by others, as well as guidance for stub articles and there is no basis , evidence or indeed truth in characterising my editing of this Article as tainted by conflict of Interest. In political matters as I have already stated conflicts of interest are an absurd notion in that we all have our own allegiance.

My own allegiances here are not party political or Partisan they are ideological, as I have explained I am a monetary reform activist and support the Green Policy 2015 manifesto commitments on Monetary reform and universal INCOME. I am actually if I must be catagorised, an Eco Anarchist. The electoral processes of State election systems require me to hold my nose in becoming involved. As a stoic and pragmatic philosopher i do actually have a commitment to the praxis of seeking fundamental changes to the economic system, particularly Money creation. It is this, which leads me to admire and support some green party political actors more than others including, the Three I have dubbed #TheGreenPistols , but as long as the green party manifesto policy policy EC661

´´The Green Party believes that, as the means of exchanging goods and services, the stock of money is a vital common resource which should be managed in the public interest. Yet only 3% of our money supply currently exists in the form of notes and coins issued by the Government or the Bank of England. 97% of the money circulating in the economy takes the form of credit that is created electronically by private banks through the accounting processes they follow when they make loans.
for an idea of the full extent of tax payer value of such a policy see´´

,stands I will do what I can to help those who advocate for those economic policies to achieve their self set goals , even where that involves seeking political office which I do not believe in There are the politicians in all of the main parties for who I make my own contributions in an un-coerced , unofficial but committed fashion including; Jeremy Corbyn, Steve Baker ( conservative MP for High Wycombe) and other organizations I also do my own thing for. most are thankful and some become friends but of course in my world there are no Gods and No Masters and as such no conflicts of interest. I have no conflict of interest and whilst my degree of commitment to the ideals I believe in might strike some as odd it is no more odd than being a Wikipedia editor. I would spend more time on Wikipedia but my activism and work in my field does not overlap very often with a need or inclination to make contributions here this is a rare exception. I have noticed that an early editor on the GPL2016 article here is also someone I know and I have also written to other Greens encouraging their active participation in improving this Stub article , looking at the group project page I am struck by some of the guidelines and would venture they are very good and might be paid a little more attention [2]

Be polite, and welcoming to new users

− Assume good faith

− Avoid personal attacks

− For disputes, seek dispute resolution

I take all of these principles on board and there is nothing here we can not resolve. The Conflict of Interest point is I think dealt with if not then do please make a substantive argument Bondegezou it seems to me thin broth upon which to base any banquet though?20:49, 16 August 2016 (UTC)RogerGLewis (talk)RogerGLewis (talk) 21:00, 16 August 2016 (UTC)

My First foray into this rabbit hole was regarding notable players of the Byrdland Line of Gibson Guitars and notable players of them? Got some serious stick from the chaps at my local for that one.

Wikipedia Editing. My Prageological Manifesto


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