Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions. Some Observations.

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Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility for All Recessions

Zero Hedge posted this article today so I took a look, I left a few comments which the writer of the blog obviously did not want, SO I am reproducing them here.

Its an interesting piece and puts out some good motives and so forth for the fed doing some of the stuff which Pres. Trump doesn’t like,

RonPauls report today was on similar ground.

The next step in the thought process is to identify the idiocy of an abstract and arbitrary monetary unit?

Coin Market Cap and The Fed Balance sheet. Debt Based Fiat money in Context!

Global primary energy use associated with production, consumption and international trade

End of Ownership, Circular Economy Proof of Brain and Primary, Intermediary and Consumption Energy Tokens. A Framework Evolves.

#PetroDollar #CarbonCurrencyEndGame











Free market capitalism: it`s their future. Forest Gumps Definition of Money?


eHenry George Tethered Bull

I was moved to comment on another blog from John Hearn a Banking Economist and Lecturer.  John Responded to my comment as follows.



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Its a Skin in the Game thing the huge expansion of the monetary base and failure to distribute purchasing power parity to the Bottom 90-95% of people has represented a massive upwards transfer of wealth this is clearly not a mistake,
its a policy.

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