ANALYSIS: Time to get your nose out of the Brexit book, and invest in surviving Crash 2

Spot on John,
We will see whether the yellow vests bank run materialises. One point I would make is that assuming the higher-ups want to avoid a crash is not a natural assumption one should make?!/v/tonefreqhz/ah5vxtf1!/tonefreqhz/ah5vxtf1

The Slog.

methoughtful Get into dealing with banks and other financial  institutions today, and you will quickly realise just how big a distraction the process of effecting Brexit has been. The prevailing economic orthodoxy of Planet Earth is not only on a collision course with sovereign States; globalist business, the banks and the media are engaged in a concerted campaign of deception about Crash2


During the first year at University, I took economics as a subsidiary subject to my joint course in History and Politics. I also studied it in the sixth form at school. Since my retirement twenty years ago, I seem to have thought about very little else.

The overriding conclusion (from my involvement with the subject since the of sixteen) has been that economics is a pseudo-science at best, and a form of quackery in general. Indeed, one of my favourite smile-inducing thoughts is the degree to which…

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