Posted in Uncategorized ALmost 10 years ago in February 2009 , I participated in a discussion on…

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THE SUNDAY ESSAY: dissent or deny, care or cry, devolve or die

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Reblogged this excellent column. The double standards are Staggering.!/v/tonefreqhz/grch43y0 Once as farce and then…

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Protests in France and Venezuela – Spot the Difference

Posted in Uncategorized     ‘ May 24, 2018 at 11:10am MMT’s ignorance of economic thought…

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More MMT. Memory Hole Post in Search of St Bill Of Mitchell and St Richard of Murphy. Steve Keens Guide for the Perplexed. #MMT #CircuitTheory #DoublePenetrationGateKeeping #NeilWilson @neilwilson