Pending Comment On Positive Money School For Fools Visits the Bank Of England


My experience meeting the Governor of the Bank of England

Roger Glyndwr Lewis

DIgger 52 , I take the environment very seriously indeed as I do the questions of Usury and debt based money.
I am very interested in energy based metrics of monetary value and not the abstract ones which the current debate revolves around.
You assert the Human Caused Climate change is the concern of millions of people. This is true it is the concern of uninformed people and those propagandised by and elite media circus who sometimes wittingly but mostly unthinkingly trot out the Climate catastrophist myths of the war on Carbon.
I am sure you are well meaning enough, may I ask did you look at the link I sent entitled re framing the war on Carbon?


https://longhairedmusings.w…Or the PDF i linked to


I am old enough to remember the Climate Gate scandal and Do not share in the view that Dr Michael Man should be given a break on his Hockey Stick tricks, its hard often with Climate Alarm activists to know where to start with a discussion on the science , The Carbon Cycle is as good as any.

Now open the PDF and go to this page.


Well done, now go to this section of the PDF


Heres a link to the Drilling into debt report.…



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