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It’s not Brexit but “Deutsche-it” you want to worry about Saving the Earth or Saving Capitalism? The Inconvenient Truth Behind Today’s Youth Climate Campaigns by Global Research News Hour via #soundcloud

  MONBIOT, ATTENBOROUGH, AND GRETA THUNBERG 03/02/2019 · by Clive Lord · Bookmark the permalink. ·   I have just read an article by George Monbiot dismissing the Tragedy of the Commons because it is used to justify privatization. He has been misled by this specious use of the Tragedy. All Hardin actually proposes in his classic essay on the topic is ‘mutual coercion mutually …

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Hi John, Had a problem posting again earlier John. WIth things being as they are I fully expect the Internet to start behaving all peculiar? STeemit and BitCHute are the remedy to that ( Ditributed Web3. The CHrome Browser which is very convienient in many ways chucks a lot of what I want …

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