I have just read an article by George Monbiot dismissing the Tragedy of the Commons because it is used to justify privatization. He has been misled by this specious use of the Tragedy. All Hardin actually proposes in his classic essay on the topic is ‘mutual coercion mutually agreed upon’, which is exactly what must happen.

Hi Clive,
Monbiot is controlled opposition, a gatekeeper.
The apparent infection in the Mainstream media by the plants of various Mockingbird initiatives dating back to the cold war is more prevalent now than they have ever been.
I happen to think that both the Tragedy of the commons and also the Significance of Anthropogenic Carbon emissions is overstated and as a distraction from the Environmental despoilation and Infinite growth paradigm on a finite planet.
WHilst I disagree with you on the details You and I are on the same side, whilst Monbiot might agree with some of our positions it is important to understand that he speaks for an unspoken un-propagandised agenda

That Agenda, Agenda 21, might well be one you and I are in opposing camps on.
As with most agendas, they have been corrupted over time,
Quilligans work I find most enlightening and the Brant report on which he worked is a solid and compelling piece of work,

James B. Quilligan The Brandt Report, The Brandt Equation, The Financial Commons and Blockchain.

Free Software, The Commons , Free Money and Liberty v Tyranny. Tyranny of the Geek, Web 3 ?

This film by Grignon takes your position on CO2, whilst I think that part is falsified, to my own satisfaction but not that of others his other work on Money as debt is compelling

Regarding neo-CLassical neo-liberal economics and ideology ( it is fascism and fascism as we know it, Clive)
Here is some interesting work and discussion I am currently involved with.

Heisenberg, Gödel, and Chomsky walk into a bar. Neo-Classical Economics is the Joke!

I hope you are well I read your columns often but rarely comment, Today I reached out to let you know I am listening and take seriously what you say, even though I disagree with some of it.
Internet censorship is about to go warp speed Clive you should consider getting onto the Steemit platform

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