#JeSuisBourgoiseBlancHomme #GreenAlarmism #CollectivistDictatorship #DrRupertReadOntheCouch. Why are climate Alarmist uncritical of Imperial War and Imperial Power Structures?

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Amongst the very good things which Voltaire is reckoned not to have said is If you want to find out whos in charge find out who you are not allowed to contradict?
To Wit, These Two Papers.
Deep Adaptation: A Map for Navigating ClimateTragedy IFLAS Occasional Paper 2 www.iflas.info July 27th 20181 Professor Jem Bendell BA (Hons) PhD
This civilisation is finished: So what is to be done? IFLAS Occasional Paper 3 www.iflas.info December 10th 2018 Dr Rupert Readhttp://lifeworth.com/IFLAS_OP_3_rr_whatistobedone.pdfI have been getting censored by the Green party for over 3 years now and my forays into the Green Party Safe spaces are preserved in my blog, I adopted the custom of COpy and pasting FaceBook discussions before Admins deleted them.

The Green Lobby is part of the push to a centralised collective dictatorship I am sure and from what I have seen they are the worst sort of Fascist, they have the zeal of the religious Zealot.
Rupert Read is one such.

Galileo and the Spanish Inquisition has nothing on the Epicyclic gyrations of Climate modelling failure where Hot is cold, high is low, out is in and Green is the new Idenditarian Black.


the petrodollar is at the heart of the present Trumpian Neo-con agenda Regime changes and all. CO2 is I am convinced at the heart of the new Rules Based Order which is designed to keep China Russia and the other assorted Occidentals in check.


https://rogerslonghairedblog.blogspot.com/2019/02/roger-lewis-member-of-support-green.htmlSo there are the Oils I have on my Pallet John, and yet and yet this lovely canvas requires a certain flair which my prose can not conjure?

I am a påarticlar species of a poet, and my gifts of polemic and satire fall well short of your own,

Would you think it worthwhile to look at these hues of Green Shite and perhaps deliver up your own
Inimitable Portrait?As ever,
With Kindest and warmest Felicitations,


PS in both papers you will note a distinct lack of Science, I am quite an expert in the Physics and Chemistry,
Also, the modelling mathematics is in my own field ( Sound Modelling, Fourier Transforms etc.)Hence my penchant for Dr Glassman’s work.

Whilst I myself am not a Rocket Scientist, in my Data centre developer days I did have two of them on my Pay Roll.


And the Ban STick inevitably follows.





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