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My new paper, a kind of ‘sequel’ to (it’s been published next in the same series as) Jem Bendell’s epochal and massively-influential paper on ‘Deep adaptation’, is out:…/post-civilisation-iflas-occasi…
Please read/circulate. Thanks. This is perhaps my most-significant yet contribution to the emerging discourse around preparing ourselves to face up to potential climate- and societal- collapse:
IFLAS is pleased that philosopher, Chair of Green House thinktank, and leading member of Extinction Rebellion, Dr Rupert Read has contr…

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At least someone’s making things happen.
Hydro-electricity is not only one of the oldest forms of green energy, it is also one of the most sustainable

Rupert J Read shared a post — with Shan Oakes and 82 others.
Friends!; I’d be most grateful if you watched/shared this – my latest talk on the climate emergency / #ExtinctionRebellion; this time, a talk with specific relevance to GREENS…
The talk is 25 mins.

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Dr Rupert Read fresh from an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in London, speaks to the Eastern Region Green Party AGM in Norwich (17.11.18) about Climate Change, the ecological breakdown we face, and the required radical actions some are already employing to mitigate disaster.

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