Regime Change. Part One – How it’s done.

Regime Change. Part One – How it’s done.

There’s been a lot of Regime Change around in the last few years. One might even think it had become a nasty habit: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Venezuela. These are just the most recent. It was pointed out recently that if you count just those in South and Central America since the 50’s, it’s twelve. Add in the overthrow of Mossadegh in Iran in 1953 and it seems like we can’t get enough of it. We certainly seem to think we have a right to engineer it wherever we like. But of course those who support it always insist we only do it because it ‘our duty to help the oppressed.’  So I would like to look at this peculiar form of Western benevolence.  First in general and then at a hypothetical case – Regime Change in the UK.





General Sir Walter Walker and the Wilson Government was pretty close run thing,

Tory Lies and Coups Past and Present, Cecil King, Murdoch, and Rigging elections

and also the 1951 election which was remarkably similar to 2017.

General Election 2017 Parralles to 1951. #Corbyn4PM Labour Can win


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  1. Hi Phil,

    Paul Craig Roberts has been a staple of my own reading sources for many years now so when he writes I do take him seriously, I am sure David ( The writer of this Blog, as you know) does also I am sure.

    PCR has appeared as a Guest on many new media sources and I am curious as to how he manages to keep that level of output and full of admiration.

    Confronted with the almost now certainty that Chomsky is a Gatekeeper, it seems equally likely that PCR is as well,

    The problem of Gangs in Sweden from immigrant populations is fairly well documented but also equally well mis-documented. Tim Pool ( ex-Vice and also Likely Gatekeeper) did for me probably the fairest summation of the situation here. And ISGP also has a very good summation regarding the problems in Holland and France,


    PCR listed here under Hoover Institution.

    People Like Peter Sutherland who died Recently were behind the Migration and cultural dilution agendas of the European state identities and this process is to dumb down and make populations compliant and more slave like to authoritarian central Government? Why?

    I personally think Kevin Gaalae is the most comprehensive writer on the matter I have encountered,

    I am not sure what the purpose of the Narratives around the appaling behaviour of migrant grooming gangs and other criminal enterprises is ? some sort of civil unrest and perhaps creating the conditions whereby opposition to War with Russia and China possibly first Iran? Maybe to foster marshal law for some sort of Financial Bail in to save the Petro Dollar? as we know the powers that be do not give a rats arse about any opinion outside of the Bourgeoisie ( 5% at most and they are largely only tolerated.) the climate of fear that seems to be required must be for something fairly major, even unprecedented? What the hell ( and it probably is hell Like) that could be I have no idea, some folk see some symbolism in the opening of the Tunnel in Switzerland a few years back.

    Here are some of the most striking moments from the ceremony – we have tried to explain what is going on as far as possible. It was not always possible.

    Warning: This article contains partial nudity

    Full Satanic ritual for the opening of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland. It was attended by heads of finance, state, and all levels of society. Yes, it is creepy and evil, but yes, it is still important. Video pulled from RT (Russia Today), a phenomenal news source. Enjoy!

    Ripple Effect

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