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Ignorant, or Complicit?


They seem earnest and all about liberty, at LibertyCon

I’m a miserable judge of character, though

The Miron/Yang debate was almost entirely as expected

Hi Stephen,

Be Like Vinny,

I have been studying Paul Grignon over the past week or so and re visted Garvins work at Orrery software.

Your own Solution is I think close to Pauls Insights and I agree with you, as does Paul, Economists do not see the wood for the trees,


Clive Lord who we have both talked to together recently blogged about Greta Thronberg, I have been looking at making some edits to related Wikipedia articles.

Clive is into his Doughnut economics, a bit about money, not so much on the usury, again through your own insights and Pauls sort of render the problem moot, as does Proudhon solution described by Kropotkin in the famous Encyclopedia Brittanica entry,

Garvin and Energy;

BBC Alarmism?

Is this all connected @KateRaworth // … #8thwaytothink #MagicMoneyTree Think about root and branch reform of the Money system @PositiveMoneyUK #ConquestofDay #MyEntry— RogerGLewis (@PMotels) February 4, 2019

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