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Reblogged this excellent column. The double standards are Staggering.!/v/tonefreqhz/grch43y0 Once as farce and then as History and then as farce again. There is a terrible ground hog day feeling, protests against iraq war etc. and WTO protests back in 1999 Ah, dear Moll, now where are those oranges [iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”500″] Ah, dear Moll, now where are those oranges May Inspired By Mols devices Feints a Brino for Junkers Vices All Agreed as Brexit was Ill-defined Junker had spunked her from behind.

Earl Bramley-Howard created a poll. 4 hrs An #admin question for membersI have always treated this as a closed members-only group – but do you think that things that you say in this Facebook members-only forum, are said ‘in public’ – in the same way that Twitter is an open platform and thus things said there, are said …

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