@ Lords a Personal Reaction to #BRINO. BRINO Tina and The_Theory_and_Practice_of_Oligarchical_Collectivism, Modo maxima rerum,Tot generis, natisque potens . . .Nunc trahor exul, inops.

@ Lords a Personal Reaction to BRINO.

This is a video blog about Brexit, it’s a video blog about poetry & it’s a
video blog about the Britain of my youth, of the culture from which I come and in
which I grew up. At least that’s how this started out It is transforming now into my manifesto against The_Theory_and_Practice_of_Oligarchical_Collectivism,
you see I shook hands with the new world order now under the Billing of The rules-based International Order and to my initial surprise when I counted my fingers I thought I could hold up four but found that 3 of them were missing.




I spent the formative years of my life in Oxfordshire. I went to the Warriner school Bloxham, The Warriner school is a comprehensive school, back then in the 1970s the Warriner school was newly built and we had good facilities.

Down the road from our school was Bloxham College which is a very nice public school several of my friends went to Bloxham school indeed some were sent there from our school for various misdemeanours and others came the other way.

Now, the Oxfordshire of my youth was a very different place to today, nowadays there’ssomething called the Chipping Norton set, which to an extent always existed. Iwas brought up in a small village called Barford St. Michael and just outside the village is a nice house at which, as a young man I was the gardener for Mrs Stapleton. Now the Mitfords used to own or rent Rignall Hall,


it was built by a Texan oil millionaire in those long summers days I worked for Mrs Stapleton I conceived of a dream and set myself the task that I wanted to buy that house, which seemed like an unattainable dream but, one which I carried with me into my twenty-something years, I never did buy Rignall Hall but what I did do, is I bought the Belmont Estate near Bristol which adjoins Tyntesfield and became an eccentric country squire, you’ll find all of this my various blogging, musings, scribblings and videoing which I’ve put together over the past ten years of my self-imposed exile here in Sweden, from where I speak today.

My First Novel the Plantsman is about my journey from a teenaged dreamer shovelling gravel on Mrs Stapletons Drive, Pruning the Rose beds and weeding the rockeries. It was a dream which sustained me through deep suicidal depressions and Manic episodes provoked by self-medicating on Alcohol and strippers, after my divorce I found Strippers were a gateway drug to the harder stuff ( more of which later) all the while becoming a Millionaire by the age of Thirty and retiring at the Age of 38

with a personal fortune in the High single millions. And then 2008 happened. For me, Brexit started in 2008 or rather my agnosticism regarding Globalisation and The European part of that project really started then .In All candour before that my attitude to it all could only be described as Autistic, I was like a Greta Thunberg of Capitalism.

By 2012 My Mansion on my Country Estate & The Estates Lands had been sold by Law of property act receivers. The Estates, Carriage House, in which my Children were Born had been repossessed and I had retreated to Sweden to shelter my young Family from a tempest I had seen coming and which I knew I was powerless to prevent. I did do what I could , so retreat had not been sounded before I had tried, in vain to work things out with my various turncoat Bankers.

Mojgani, Sarvar Sarvar.Mojgani@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Fri, Aug 17, 2012, 1:08 PM

Dear Mr Lewis

Thank you for your patience. I would also like to apologise that I was unable to keep you updated about the progress of your complaint earlier than today.

I had forwarded your case to another team as I had to confirm whether this was a case to be assessed by another team.

I have been informed that I can proceed with your complaint and as you had requested it to be referred to an ombudsman I will now put your file forward.

Please bear with me in the meantime. I will be out of office on annual leave from 20 August to 31 August. My priority will be to work on your case for the submission of an ombudsman on my return.

May I please request that if you would like to provide any further additional information for the ombudsman to review would you send it to me.

Thank you once again and apologies for any inconvenience caused.

In the meantime if you have any urgent queries please contact my colleague Nickeita Ashton. You can email her at Nickeita.Ashton@financial-ombudsman.org.uk

Yours sincerely

Sarvar Mojgani
Financial Ombudsman Service 
Tel No: 020 3222 4798 | Fax: 020 3222 4799
South Quay Plaza, 183 Marsh Wall, London, E14 9SR

It was with this puzzle to solve that I came to ask more and deeper questions than I had ever thought to ask before and this is my story as to why I think Brexit is a Sham and That the EU and Mrs Mays Government are two cheeks of the same Arse of Oligarchical Collectivism. Mr Trump is probably the hole between the two if you catch my drift. And we all know Mrs Clinton is a front bottom. Whilst on this metaphor we can usefully note that the importance of the Cheeks is primarily balancing and perhaps a certain aesthetic, the Orifices are rather more important and shall we say at the centre of the incomings and outgoings of Petro Dollar Hegemony, and are in turns promiscuous and Constipated vessels for the giving and receiving of American Foreign policy libations, lubricants and ointments of the black gold.

Here Mr Junker Demonstrates something of the sort with a Game Mrs May.

Animated GIF-downsized_large (13)

In 2016 there was a vote for Brexit and the discourse on that vote on all sides was in my opinion, less than honest . But this isn’t isn’t a blog in an explanation about all of that. The polarities and the dualities and the sophistry that accompanies that story are all in my second Novel The Conquest of dough and the pages of my Blog.

This is a blog about my youth and about cricket. I played village cricket for Bloxham and when I left Oxfordshire in my 16th year so this is going back now to 1980-81 after the end of my 5th secondary school year school and doing my O levels my family moved to West Germany, as it was then. My father worked for the government and among other things he looked after the training ranges at Saltau, many of my friends have been in the military. Why is that important? it’s important because that last summer in Oxfordshire was a formative summer for me, it was the summer of the Bristol and Brixton Riots, a black Mariah turned up at my back garden gate, unheard of in Barford where we saw a police car perhaps once every other month, usually outside the George for a sly swiftie. I attended the first Fairport Convention concert which is now quite a large thing and now quite well-known but then the first one was held in Broughton castle and I remember the Fairport Convention playing their famous song

meet on the ledge and here we are on the dawn of #BRINO Brexit in name only and it’s been presented as a ledge of some sort.


We used to say “There’d come the day we’d all be making songsOr finding better words” These ideas never lasted longThe way is up along the road, the air is growing thinToo many friends who tried, blown off this mountain with the windMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeWhen my time is up, I’m going to see all my friendsMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeIf you really mean it, it all comes around againYet now I see, I’m all alone, but that’s the only way to beYou’ll have your chance again, then you can do the work for meMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeWhen my time is up, I’m going to see all my friendsMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeIf you really mean it, it all comes around againMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeWhen my time is up, I’m going to see all my friendsMeet on the ledge, we’re going to meet on the ledgeIf you really mean it, it all comes around againSongwriters: R THOMPSON

Meet on the Ledge lyrics © Warlock Music, Ltd., WARLOCK MUSIC LTD, PUBCO EVERGREEN COPYRIGHTS INC

I’ve cast my mind back, I’m a poet you see. when I moved to Germany which was for a second time in 1980 the first time my first wife heard me speak I was reading a passage to a full school assembly, from the famous book about an Oxfordshire childhood cider with Rosie. My five years in Oxfordshire gave me an Oxfordshire accent and my head of sixth-form at the Kent School Rheindahlen, the military boarding school. He, Mr Harris, felt it would be amusing for him and the other staff, that I should read this in my Oxfordshire accent and my first wife thought I was the best actor she’d ever heard but of course, I was just speaking in my then natural accent.

Now playing village cricket that last summer back in 1980 I remember playing Sibford Gower. Sibford is the location of another wonderful school the friends’ school in Sibford and it’s a beautiful cricket ground at the friends’ school with a wonderful backdrop. I used to play wicketkeeper in those days and we had a wonderful afternoon of cricket with all of the dramas and wonderful moments that happen in any weekend village cricket match with some local rivalry and impeccable pavillion hospitality.

download (25)

After the match, we went to the bishops Blais pub which was a beautiful pub which I now know you will never get the chance to visit (Who or what should we blame for that?) During the summer in those days they used to have concerts or gigs and there was a guy with an Ovation guitar singing Bob Dylan songs and I remember that afternoon and others there, with great fondness and that’s the background to a Britain an Oxfordshireadolescence and an education that’s my sense of belonging. I still belong to that time and that place and those memories will forever belong to me. Outside of the Warriner school outside of friendships with those who had greater privilege than I but I feel very privileged to have and own those memories of an enjoyed childhood and an education in keeping and being good company. which I got in rural Oxfordshire.

But let us go to cricket and poetry. This morning I was reading a poem

I’m just clicking through my screen here, literally in the video blog and metaphorically as I enjoy the silver screen of those glorious summers days of 1981 because I’ve been working on various things which have cropped up in my studies of the methods and devices of Oligarchical Collectivism. I’m an early riser and you will get the full story from me, but bear with me, let’s just get to where I want to go for now. Because social media figures in this stream of consciousness, back then there wasn’t an internet there were no mobile phones less so smartphones, those were still another 15 years off although Tomorrow’s world had reported on a fad of something kinda in that line of country

that line of country

the memory hole works both ways


the memory hole works both ways, more so now than back then, it’s like the white Queens memory. ( Especially the Always Jam tomorrow part) so here we are this admin question which has cropped up on the Green Party blog partly directed at my habit of preserving conversations before they disappear into the memory hole, especially when one tries to Discuss the very unsettled science of Climatology. Don’t forget to tap the FU keys on the way to Facebook just to be friendly to the NSA X Key Score bots, you understand.

An #admin question for members

I have always treated this as a closed members-only group – but do you think that things that you say in this Facebook members-only forum, are said ‘in public’ – in the same way that Twitter is an open platform and thus things said there, are said in public?”

No this is a closed Facebook forum for members only
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Paul Warren No, it’s a closed audience, not a public place.




to which I made this contribution the

it’s a beautiful poem and I suggest you read it I will put the link in the

description to this video ( As promised and not only that as well as not underpromising I have over-delivered, thank me by buying a t-shirt or liking and sharing this blog),

but I digress. Francis Thompson was an interesting chap he had been a medical student following his father into the medical profession but left that profession to pursue a vocation as a poet, with de reguer Vagrancy, Opium addiction , an affair with a lady of the night in fact a full house of despairings provideth he with a cuppeth that verily overfloweth ( allegedly he also had time to fit in being Jack the Ripper, or perhaps that’s just a smear to suppress his sublime spiritual verse), ( What is it about we Poets?) Back to the point though, I was reading an essay he did on Shelley earlier ( yesterday morning now, when I discovered another famous poem by Frances’ which is the poem I’m going to read now

Picking up part two, of those rather emotional readings back to Brexit and some memories of youth. This involves reaching back to what it means to be an Englishman a Welshman a Scotsman an Irishman or any sort of Patriot from wherever you hail.

Now, whilst cricket is a great love of mine as a Welshman myself, I was born in Wales. Rugby is a greater love of mine and I’ve made and had many friendships playing that great sport. The Brotherhood the camaraderie and the discipline of training your body and mind to take the knocks and to go in again to win the ball make the tackle and to give up your all and make sure that you don’t let the side down.

I wrote a poem which touched on on these things and if you’ll forgive me I will read a few poems because in my own poetry come revelations from a personal place and a personal history and these themes which come out again and again in provoking me to a feeling that The Oligarchical collectivist cabal wish to take away my island of Great Britain. That’s All of Our Great Britains, the one we all share a part of that makes up our sense of place and belonging our roots. This sense of what it is to be in it together as a Briton. As a Briton who has lived abroad for around one-third of my life.

As a Briton brought up with her Majesty’s armed forces I have great respect for and understand what it means to salute a uniform to respect an office and to accord the respect to our commonly held institutions. Those institutions that have a virtuous care for the well-being of a nation and what it is to be a nation and to be of a nation and with a nation, its what we used to all call patriotism and what some of us still call patriotism. The same goes for my France our France my Sweden our Sweden my Italy and my Europe and our Europe but that said above all its Queen and country where I come from as a Briton. Whether one is a Republican or a royalist doesn’t detract from that place of being and sense of belonging and that camaraderie and rootedness which one would very much wish as a gift shared with our fellow Britons and those who live among us. it’s no accident that regiments are being merged and taken out from local ties and the same with police forces this march to globalization and this March to undermining the roots and the belongingness the sense of place and the sense of community.

The idea of there is no such thing as Society I reject that and I reject that absolutely! The highfalutin intellectual arguments that go along with such discussions the confusion of internationalism with globalism. So no you won’t take away my Thomas Paine or my Edmund Burke or my Spinoza or my Kant my Epictetus my Lucian. Yes we in our culture we have a strong debt to a culture born long ago in Greece yes through Rome etc and yet as a Briton, I remain firmly tied to the pagan past of Britain as an island and if you dig into history you’ve got to dig it all up you can’t cherry pick there’s been too much cherry picking but you can’t cherry pick Team Britain our teammates that are our line up.

Mr. junker Mr. Verhofstadt we don want any part in your federal Europe, your unified European military your globalization and your undermining of our community structures. I want no part in that and that some people say the other half of the Brexit vote that you feel have signed up to that, well? I wonder whether that is so? these questions are so complex you can’t really put it into a binary yes-or-no question yet as long as love endures, love of place, love of family, love of community love of culture you will not take that away. I won’t raise my stumps for you if you want to take my wicket you’re gonna have to learn to play the game but you won’t win you will never win. I wrote a poem which touches on the matters of being a bad loser and being overlooked and if I may I’ll just read that now I wrote this when Hillary Clinton was being a bad loser with President Trump overlooked and un-elected

overlooked and un-elected
At the time of the Occupy movement
At the time of the Occupy movement, I was moved by the protest in Syntagma square, of course, we see the yellow vests in France at the moment fighting, they are in a battle with the fascist macron. The OXI movement and Occupy At that time the evictions were happening at st. Paul’s I wrote this poem which is after the epic poem by János Arany, Hungarian poet and it’s called the Celtic baards speak out .

The other evening I was thinking about things and thinking about Brexit. I was provoked into thinking about this by the blogger John Ward of the slog and that familiar cry oh so familiar cry of something must be done what can we do about our elected representatives representing themselves and the interests of their own international hybrid class and not the interests of those of us out in the country at the coalface and I wrote this short bit

February 7, 2019


When I am gone and hopefully forgotten, in which I will have achieved a minimal disturbance, perhaps this will speak for me, had I thought deeply enough and spoke up for those suffering injustices. Did I embrace the Love in my heart and the empathy in my soul over the fear and the anger which challenged my sense of right and wrong? Did I share my truth in the face of my own embarrassment and offer that truth with equanimity to those who I knew might not thank me for it.
In a testament to leaving nothing behind of lasting hurt perhaps a pang of grief and to be missed when someone wants to laugh at a fart. In the living years always makes me cry.

I have written a second novel over the last two or three years called conquest of dough and three epic poems which kind of support the themes within the novel and one of those poems is globalization untangled, which is a dadaist poem and there are instructions in how to do such a thing. I mean, if you do happen to read it the notes are I think worth reading because they cover quite a lot of reading into quite a lot of things which don’t get regurgitated like all the memory hole now this bit here comes from a criticism partly a publication from back in the 1930s by a chap called Mr. Streit right and I’m just gonna read this bit here and it takes in a bit of HG Wells as well but anyway

Union now as then in ´38, current quarrels
Mr Streit’s Union and Mr Orwells NiggersNot counting Niggers, the other´s not like ussix hundred million disenfranchised, is it more today?Russia is brazenly refusing to learn from the EU’smistakes and may walk directly into its trapHow can banking union serve the tributaries of society. Pigs do not fly nor water flow up hillReal brothers can curse each other, friends.Someday. Britannia will give Columbia a piece of her mind,Elysium also needs telling and she iscuriously afflicted offering no teet for the eastern bear.an exasperated Englishman: “I pray to Godthey keep out of the end of this war anyhow.We shall never hear the last of it if they don’t….”Cabalists, Gnostics, Manichaeans, the Old Manof the Mountains, Knight Templars, Satanists,Rosicrucians, Illuminati, Freemasons, Rousseau,Voltaire, Cagliostro, Madame Blavatsky, Mrs. Besant,Trade Unions, Anarchists, Socialists, Theosophists,Communists, Those Bolsheviks, a frightful hordeall plotting and getting hold of power and handingit on and doing down Christianity and the Christian lifeTHREE FACTORS IN EVERYONE SIR ARTHUR SALTER,FOR EXAMPLE “SHALL WE NEVER PLUCK THE BEST FROM FATE

Perhaps the ramblings of a sad white middle-aged Welshman sat in rural Sweden bathing in smug white middle-class privilege ( yes perhaps or maybe not and if that’s what I am accused of by anyone, I shrug and say
(Modo maxima rerum,Tot generis, natisque potens . . .Nunc trahor exul, inops.1

One of my hashtags is #JeSuisBourgoiseBlancHomme and yes I’m a white middle-class man but I don’t recognize any of my self in the epithet of “gammon”, whilst some of these sentiments that I express may come across as all “gammonish”, I reject that characterization so moving on “CETERUM CENSEO CARTHAGINEM ESSE DELENDAM”, NIHIL SUB SOLE NOVUM”

My Latin, my Greek ..My Bad,. unschooled as they say , Hark at him , no better than he ought to be!, Burke I recommend anyone to read his essay on these present discontents and I’ve highlighted down here a passage just there which basically says that it’s not the people that are at fault, but their impatience in suffering is, it’s- perfectly understandable, sometimes and in those times it’s much easier to change the government than to change the people.

The people have no interest in disorder.  When they do wrong, it is their error, and not their crime.  But with the governing part of the State it is far otherwise.  They certainly may act ill by design, as well as by mistake.  “Les révolutions qui arrivent dans les grands états ne sont point un effect du hasard, ni du caprice des peuples.  Rien ne révolte les grands d’un royaume comme un Gouvernoment foible et dérangé.  Pour la populace, ce n’est jamais par envie d’attaquer qu’elle se soulève, mais par impatience de souffrir.”  These are the words of a great man, of a Minister of State, and a zealous assertor of Monarchy.  They are applied to the system of favouritism which was adopted by Henry the Third of France, and to the dreadful consequences it produced.  What he says of revolutions is equally true of all great disturbances.  If this presumption in favour of the subjects against the trustees of power be not the more probable, I am sure it is the more comfortable speculation, because it is more easy to change an Administration than to reform a people.

It may well be that the Government needs to be changed in Britain but it’s also true that the government needs to be changed in Europe. Europe should not be ruled by the Commission with their exclusive competences on monetary policy , that’s my view and it’s a view that’s shared by lots of people. Big C conservative small c conservatives Old labor even some new labor people ( perhaps, but not many) and effectively if you believe in the conservative ideal of Liberty in a Burkean sense like for instance a Steve Baker or David Davis or one of my favorites Peter Hitchens you’ll get a sense of where we’re coming from and again whilst we Rugger bugger forwards called our backs, “the girls in the backs” or “the blouses in the backs” and all of that sort of thing we are a team across a political spectrum where we have a virtuous care for our communities. Like the Chartists demanded we should exercise a right of recall of the people who are sent up to Parliament, regardless of the debates barely being representative democracy etc we are not being served we are being miss governed and the rebellion starts here.
We all must draw a line and refuse to cooperate with this misgovernment. There is an old saying about, it’s being easy to deal with a threat from without but the most destructive threat that there is, is a threat from within, that species of betrayal which comes from within a fifth column and classical scholars out there will get the reference that I’m getting at. I can’t remember it off the top of my head but it’s not the important the general the general gist is this,

https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/cicero-treason-quote/ for the pedants amongst my readers,

If you cast your minds back and recall the resignation of Sir Geoffrey Howe at the beginning of the downfall of Margaret Thatcher which was all around the European question of the federalization of Europe when Margrett Thatcher gave that famous speech in Parliament in which she said no no no and Sir. Jeffers, as we’re on cricketing metaphors, gave his metaphor about a batsman being sent out to bat with one arm tied behind his back or whatever I mean look it up you will find it now that metaphor is so apt today although to mix a metaphor the Bat is on the other foot.

How on earth are the Chancellor and the Governor of the Bank of England, commending the Hard ECU as they strive to, to be taken as serious participants in the debate against that kind of background noise? I believe that both the Chancellor and the Governor are cricketing enthusiasts, so I hope that there is no monopoly of cricketing metaphors. It is rather like sending your opening batsmen to the crease only for them to find, the moment the first balls are bowled, that their bats have been broken before the game by the team captain.



And the question now is have we really fielded a team?.. have we fielded a team? it’s not time to draw stumps this is not limited overs cricket, as an ex-wicketkeeper I know something of Back Stops. A time limit, this isn’t even just a Test match this is a test series and this is the ashes. What I’m saying is whilst the ashes were over the honour of English cricket playing the Australians, this isn’t a game I don’t say just a game because cricket isn’t just a game it’s… it’s a philosophy a matter of the Soul of the Nation.


The game we play politically is most definitely no longer Cricket.
definitely no longer Cricket.
Both Steve Baker and Dominic Rab

Both Steve Baker and Dominic Rab are on record saying that no we have not fielded a team, We have fielded mainly Ollie Robins which is quite a different thing, its not playing for a draw it’s Throwing the Match, Match-fixing, Ball Tampering indeed throwing and not bowling!!!

Gandhi was correct, “be the change you want to see in the world”.

With the internet Be the Change and just let others know too.

Be the Change and just let others know too.
Dominic Raab Confirms changes in Chequers deal
Dominic Raab Confirms changes in Chequers deal appeared after his signing off the draft? See from 2.11 mins
election who authorized that it’s not
clear to me I’ve asked that question as
a change made that if it wasn’t you and
you’re the
secretary   And also Steve Baker gives a stunningly honest appraisal of the No SHow second team fielded by The FCO.
So whos on First Base?
So whos on First Base?
Britain’s enslavement
And so the population was gradually led into the demoralizing temptation of arcades, baths and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as ‘civilization’, when in fact they were only a feature of their enslavement.’
Tacitus Agricola chapter 21, translated by H. Mattingly, Penguin 1948, 1973
But if the ashes of the British Isles, and if the ashes of the British constitution are to come about it will be over the ashes of my dead body and the dead bodies of all the Patriots that do believe that the Union Jack, Queen and country the ability to defend our way of life does count for something so just on that let’s take some Shelley and this is the Francis Thompson essay on Shelley which I’m not going to read or quote from he does quote William Blake in it holding a single grain in one’s hand and seeing eternity now William Blake wrote the hymn Jerusalem or Jerusalem is 14:16 taken from William Blake’s poem what I’m actually going to refer to is actually an article which Paul foot wrote some years ago in the international socialist review now this essay Shelley the trumpet of prophecy touches on parts of British history particularly the Peterloo Massacre and the mask of anarchy that famous poem by Shelley and it also refers to Shelley’s epic poem Queen Mab and Queen Mab contrasts a kind of a humean is/ought dichotomy of what could be and what was and remember Percy Bysshe Shelley , his wife was who, yes Mary Shelley The Mary Shelleywho wrote that popular classic Frankenstein and in throwing out that image of Frankenstein
One for, and of the many, not the few,
the European Commission is Frankenstein it is the monster that is still in the act of creation it’s still trying to perfect its dystopian vision


So let’s go to school with the poets as Cornel West advises, let’s take some inspiration from those poets and ;
let’s hold our executive to account let’s hold the establishment to account.
Enough of the Fourth Estat abdicating its responsibilities of not holding the other three estates to account
We draw a line in the sand. This far and no further.
We will send our best batsmen into bat we will send out the first team on to the park
We will not be cowed and we will not be dictated to by un-elected bureaucrats in Brussels our British sense of fair play of Honor of virtue may be battered maybe bloodied but we are definitely unbowed.

It is hard for anyone who fought hard against Mrs Thatcher’s monetarist sadism of the early 80’s who went through the tribulations of the Falklands, The Miners Strike the Poll Tax and so much else, it was good old fashioned class war, as opposed to the newer strain of that Oligarchical virus. It is hard for those of us from the Libertarian Anarchist Left To admit that on The Hard ECU and a Federal Europe she was Right and her greatness is assured, Blairs, Heaths, Clarkes and the other Globalist quislings in our ranks and there are many of them, Useful idiots mostly but some true zealots of the Creed of Queen TINA.  will not fare so well when the quills scribble out their deeds

Fifty Years behind had as Burke has it.

Margaret Thatcher: Yes, the Commission does want to increase its powers. Yes, it is a non-elected body and I do not want the Commission to increase its powers at the expense of the House, so of course, we are differing. Of course…
The President of the Commission, Mr Delors, said at a press conference the other day that he wanted the European Parliament to be the democratic body of the Community, he wanted the Commission to be the Executive and he wanted the Council of Ministers to be the Senate. No. No. No.
Or…. or…..or…..

Perhaps the Labour party would give all those things up easily. Perhaps it would agree to a single currency, to total abolition of the pound sterling. Perhaps, being totally incompetent with monetary matters, they’d be only too delighted to hand over full responsibility as they did to the IMF, to a central bank. The fact is they have no competence on money and no competence on the economy—so, yes, the right hon. Gentleman would be glad to hand it all over. What is the point in trying to get elected to Parliament only to hand over your sterling and the powers of this House to Europe?


“In a situation of manipulation, the Left is almost always tempted by a “quick return to power,” forgets the necessity of joining with the oppressed to forge an organization, and strays into an impossible “dialogue” with the dominant elites. It ends by being manipulated by these elites, and not infrequently itself falls in an elitist game, which it calls “realism.”Manipulation, like the conquest whose objectives it serves, attempts to anesthetize the people so they will not think. For if the people join to their presence in the historical process critical thinking about that process, the threat of their emergence materializes in revolution…One of the methods of manipulation is to inoculate individuals with the bourgeois appetite for personal success. This manipulation is sometimes carried out directly by the elites and sometimes indirectly, through populist leaders.”
― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed 

Video Recording of First Live Reading.
Goethe‘s Ankunft im Elysium by Franz Nadorp
I am indebted to Caroline Lucas MP, newly elected co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales for making the connection between Turnouts and Mandates, with this speech to the Debate on The so called Neverendum Petition.
“In a situation of manipulation, the Left is almost always tempted by a “quick return to power,” forgets the necessity of joining with the oppressed to forge an organization, and strays into an impossible “dialogue” with the dominant elites. It ends by being manipulated by these elites, and not infrequently itself falls in an elitist game, which it calls “realism.”
Manipulation, like the conquest whose objectives it serves, attempts to anesthetize the people so they will not think. For if the people join to their presence in the historical process critical thinking about that process, the threat of their emergence materializes in revolution…One of the methods of manipulation is to inoculate individuals with the bourgeois appetite for personal success. This manipulation is sometimes carried out directly by the elites and sometimes indirectly, through populist leaders.” 
― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

So that’s what I think of Remaining in an unreformed EU, and I am not alone, A number of my friends who have had similar experiences to myself have killed themselves, two with Shotguns another with Heroin, I in my insane play boy days tried my best with Sex Drugs and Alcohol but Happily I can now just write about my excesses whilst being a sober 12 steps to heavan dad.. And we were winners in the great greasy pole of being a useful idiot for Oligarchical_Collectivism, ( State Monopoly Capitalism ) crony Capitalism, Neo-Liberalism, call it what you will but in its many brandings and flavours, it is the same substance an eternal veil on the Iron Law of Oligarchy. Be you a remainer or a Brexiter, be you Autistic, as I once was on these matters or, Agnostic as I am now, just think of the Losers from the Fraud. I am Skint at the moment, a kept man but I am getting back into the game and there’s the thing, where the hell is the Free Market, Common Market,

The answer is in the last line of my Poem the emergent reality of Brexit.

Oligarchs alone set the rules and set the price of Permit.
An ECB tied to global Capital which punished Greece
and placed the Pigs in manacles of debt.
Whilst Governments allow bankers alone
special and exorbitant privilege.
Again Democracy says,
”For them the will of the people simply Usurps.
Government should remain confined in Elitist Auspices.”

On most of the matters of Political Economy I have studied and in matters of Philosophy and Religion and Spirituality Two Things bear repeating now.

´´What would love do now?´´.

At all breaking points in life there is one question to ask: what would love do now?
Love is not to retain the best of the other – but the best of your self.


“Three modes of evolution have thus been brought before us: evolution by fortuitous variation, evolution by mechanical necessity, and evolution by creative love. We may term them tychastic evolution, or tychasm, anancastic evolution, or anancasm, and agapastic evolution, or agapasm. The doctrines which represent these as severally of principal importance we may term tychasticism, anancasticism,and agapasticism. On the other hand the mere propositions that absolute chance, mechanical necessity, and the law of love are severally operative in the cosmos may receive the names of tychism, anancism, and agapism.” — C. S. Peirce, 1893[2]

Real Love reality is. 
Self is Love, is Self Love is I, I Love
Look in myself, Love is within
Love thou, Thou Art Love Thou art other, you are love 
love each other, We are Love look for Love, Love is Without.
Know love, Know each other. See Love, See Each Other.
 Love is We , We are Love
Love each other, Each is Love
Love is Everything, Everything is Love. All is everything, Everything is Love Love everything, Love Everyone
Love Everything, Everyone is love
Love is Real, Real is Love. Love Reality, Reality is Real.
 Reality is Love, Love is Reality
Reality is everywhere, Everywhere is Love
Love is the centre
Love has no Circumference.
Everywhere is the centre
The centre is soul, Soul is Love
The purpose is Love is The Purpose. 
Love is the Heart .
infinite reality is Love. Infinity is Reality is Infinity
Love is Infinite, Infinity is Love
Be Love, be infinite. Love is infinity is Love is
The purpose of Love is . 
Love is
We are 
it is 
all is
Roger G Lewis 2013.




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