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William Blake’s Epic Poems: Milton and Jerusalem

“if you are digging up history. You have to dig it all up. If they dig up 60 years , I will dig up 600. If we go back far enough in the history. Always, there will be some grievance, and I´ll fight on him, I´ll fight on you, I´ll fight on everyone. Where is the beginning? I cannot find it?
Dig up all the problems and you will find they have a root cause in one place: Greed. Where there is greed, there is no satisfaction”
Guru Guruji, Quoted from “Towards” Unity by
Stuart Hastings.



What shall I do? what could I do, if I could find these Criminals?
I could not dare to take vengeance: for all things are so constructed
And builded by the Divine hand that the sinner shall always escape,
And he who takes vengeance alone is the criminal of Providence:
If I should dare to lay my finger on a grain of sand
In way of vengeance, I punish the already punish’d; O whom
Should I pity if I pity not the sinner who is gone astray?
O Albion, if thou takest vengeance, if thou revengest thy wrongs,
Thou art for ever lost! What can I do to hinder the Sons
Of Albion from taking vengeance? or how shall I them perswade?
So spoke Los, travelling thro’ darkness & horrid solitude


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