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A greying middle-aged man in a curious tee shirt looks forlornly into the 30 inch Mac screen in his den in rural Sweden. The tee shirt reads “Every one, get back its an asshole” Running Linux on his 13 year old Mac which no longer can run the latest OSX a phenomenal array of computing power surrounds him, he is nervous, long nights of coding and hacking to evade the Cyber Cops could be blown if he reveals too much but the minds of a younger generation needed to know the knowledge he would now be broadcasting.

The Rest of The Video Series is at the end of the links to this video after Hypathia demonstrates the elliptical orbit.

School Strike – breakthrough, or what?

at 1.01 Clive That’s you at the meeting in my mind.

// Greta has certainly raised some interesting questions none of them about the Environment and AGW Global Warming.


Let Me Google that for you allows you to send a search for someone to put in their browser, it allows you to tick a recommend box of a particular Browser I recommend Duck a Gogo in this browser, This is relevant to questions like the Settled Seance of Climastrology where you will find it hard to find this debate for instance. This Debate is mentioned in one of my recent talks, Put a search in your browser Try and FInd It, try “Climate Debate” “Debate on Climate”. “Public Debate With Scientists” there try that Now Try This,


conversatio climate spillman law.jpg


admiral titley Heat transfer equation

let me just walk through it very quickly
okay there’s not a test dr. Mann would
get an A everybody else I’m not quite so
sure including myself so this is when I
started talking about this into Pentagon
a decade ago some of my fellow Admirals
asked me titli have you got religion on
this and I said no I just went to the
Church of the radiative transfer
equation and as dr. Mann kind of pointed
out we’ve known this stuff for a long
time so you had Fourier on the far left
in the 1820s figured out the atmosphere
effects heat you have Tyndall Ascot he
actually figured out carbon dioxide was
in fact a greenhouse gas and by the time
you got to the close of the 19th century
had the guy on the right a rain who’s a
Swede starting to do the first global
warming calculations
she had a Frenchman a Scot a Swede as
far as I know they did not go into a bar
but they kind of figured this stuff out
so I say that this is the fundamentals
of climate certainty so what do the
observations say


Admiral Titley, is in the running for one of the “Kuhnt Journals” nobbles, at out inaugural dinner in Stockholm, he manages in this short segment of his talk to achieve a combination of logical fallacies worthy of the greatest Dadaist absurdist.


TISDAG 19 MAJ 2015

edX: “Back Radiation” as the Physics of the “Greenhouse Effect”

I started my journey as climate skeptic in 2009 in an attempt to understand the physics of the so called “greenhouse effect” threatening human civilisation by global warming from human emission of CO2 as a powerful “greenhouse gas”.

I then discovered that the “greenhouse effect”was (and still is) is very vaguely identified in the scientific literature which poses a severe difficulty to skepticism of CO2 alarmism.

The ongoing edX course Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial is an attack on skepticism to CO2 alarmism, referred to as “denialism”, introduced by:

  • In this first week you will be introduced to some of the terminology we will use in the course in order to begin building your understanding of scientific consensus, the psychology of denial and the spread of denial. 

The course shows which skeptics arguments are the most effective and thus requires special effort to kill. In this sense the course offers valuable insight. In a video lecture in week 3 on the “Greenhouse Effect”, we are informed that:

  • The glow from the Earth surface goes upwards, greenhouse gasses absorb some of this heat and they then glow in every direction including down towards us. 
  • This is how the greenhouse effect works. We measure it every day here at Reading Atmospheric Obervatory by a pyrgeometer…it has a special window only allowing infrared light through to be measured. Even during a cloudless night it measures the constant greenhouse glow. 
  • Even though the greenhouse effect is an observed fact, there is a myth that it does not exist. This myth misinterprets a law of physics called the second law of thermodynamics. The 2nd law says that even though heat moves in all directions, overall heat moves from hot to cold, and not from cold to hot. 
  • The myth says that the greenhouse effect does not exist because it means heat moving from a cooler sky to warmer surface. But this is a misrepresentation: The greenhouse effect obeys the law: A square meter of Earth surface send about 500 Watts upwards, so it works like a 500 W heater. The greenhouse effect sends down about 330 Watts of heat, so in total about 170 Watts goes from the warmer surface to the cooler sky. Heat overall goes from hot to cold  but the greenhouse effect sends som back to warm us up.
  • The myth misrepresents the 2nd law. Meanwhile observatories measures the greenhouse effect every day all over the globe.
We understand that the “greenhouse effect” is based on “back radiation” from the atmosphere, which is measured by pyrgeometers.
From the beginning of my skeptics journey I understood, from a new proof of Planck’s radiation I had constructed as part of a larger effort to describe physics as analog computation,  that “back radiation” is an illusion without physical reality, and so that a pyrgeometer is constructed to sell this illusion to a market in need of “instrumental evidence”.


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