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Bravo I have set a reading to Steiner’s Charge of the Light Brigade I have not had the time to master the sound files and do anything with transitions, slides and any other of the fun things one can do with this.. Hopefully, this does it some justice. #SamizdisSamizdat #BrexitRebeliion #ConquestofDough #Web3BeattheBanStick “You are not expected to understand this”  /*          * If the new process paused because it was          * swapped out, set the stack level to the last call          * to savu(u_ssav).  This means that the return          * …

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Roger Lewis 1 second ago Subscribed and doing some plugging for you, are you on Bitchute also added your blog and latest at the Slog , if you get time could you say hello to the John Ward crew. Nice to come aboard Commander. In the immortal words of Professor Phil Jones: “The internet has …

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