Leaver over-confidence and Remainer intransigence: two good reasons to let it be on Brexit

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Mar 1, 2019, 2:52 AM
I am still agnostic although feel the EU have been mendacious in as great a measure as our own political class.
What difference will in or out really make, I say absolutely none.
The Almost complete project of world government is pretty much here and the Green Fascist genocide is all but overt.

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The back of the theatre wall is pretty much eexposed as Zappa predicted and Brexit Cool Aid, Extinction Rebellion cool aide etc are all made of the same Yellow Snow.
The Narratives take the piss and then expect us all to drink it.

Brexit has been a peculiar British examination of how close things have come to the New Feudalism.
Alex Jones was Interviewed by Joe Rogan Again yesterday morning. Jones has been demonised and Roger Stone Pilloried and Both it seems have been hung out to Dry By DOnald Trump.
Why is that relevant to Brexit. Its relevant because the the EU is a CIA project following on from the Intrigues of WWi and the perpetual Great Game of the Oligarchy.

There are several Strands to all of this Nowhere are they covered better or more succinctly than in Jones Film End Game 2007.

Themes can be folowed here In IAn 345678 Blog,

Putting it all together, either Centralised NWO world Government now called the International Rules Based Order will win through or they will snatch defeat from the Jaws of Victory through their own Hubris.
The Climate Church will be the zealots of the great cull and descent into dystopiam Authoritarianism.

I had a long listen to Huxleys 1962 Talk on scientific Governmemt yesterday and his comparison of His Brave New World and Orwells 1984.
He ( Huxley) fancied his fable to be more ofn accurate projection than Orwells. Huxley in common with those of his privelidged class could not see that what his fable was about is the self cennsorship which his class represent, He says the Oligarchy is wild and has never been tamed and domestication of Humanity is somehow necessary if orderly farming is to take place. Do listen to the Q and a its where the point is developed.

I mean here he points out that the
human species is still a wild species it
has never been domesticated I mean
domesticated species is one which has
been tamed by another species well until
we get an invasion from Mars we shall
not be tamed by another species
all we can do is to try to tame
ourselves that an oligarchy tries to
tame ourselves but the oligarchy still
remains wild I mean however much it
succeeded in taming the domesticating
the rest of the race it remit must
remain well and this was the part of the
fable the dramatic part of the fable of
brave new world is that the people in
the utter hierarchy who were not
ruthlessly conditioned but could break
down and I mean this Charles Darwin
insists that because man is wild he can
never expect to to domesticate himself
because the people on top would always
be undomesticated in sooner or later
always run wild I I think there’s a good
deal to be said for this

“Brexit Imaginary solution to real problems ” Dereck Wall
And of Course Be Like Vinnie,

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