The genocidal Kalergi plan to destroy the indigenous nations and peoples of Europe

Hi Francis, This Guy is the David Brent of SJW/Antifa Land, I must say he provokes a visceral repulsion in me which I really can not quite Explain even people I dislike or find unpleasant in different ways do not usually provoke the feeling this guy provokes he seems to totally mangle my love frequencies if that makes sense.


Happily he does not seem to attract a large viewership but of course exponentially his tripe is infecting the minds of many of our Youth through his NGO proxies.

The Grass Roots Myth, #WrongKind of Green’s, latest expose of Media Agent Provocateur Trojan Horses and Fifth Columnists of the Fourth Estate. #WRONGKINDOFGREEN @COMPROMISEDNGOS #8THWAYTOTHINK #GREENPARTYUK #EXTINCTIONREBELLION @GRETATHUNBERG

Anyway just reaching out as I get a totally different Aura just being here writing this comment .


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