Your Comment is Awaiting Moderation. Ironic Filtering/ Off Guardian , Pot Kettle Black?Blockchain is for life not just for Christmas #Web3 #ObjectiveKuhnts


I appreciate Off guarding and it is a valued reading source in my newsfeeds, Moderation policies though are rather ironic in the context of the Complains of Guardian censored comments.

What “community standards” did this comment breach? #20

The following comments – sent in to us by a reader – were censored by The Guardian. Which of the well-publicised CiF “community standards” did they breach?

Removed comment, posted under the Politics live feed on Tuesday 5th of March:

Yesterday I had a comment removed on Project Syndicate.



I do not think my comment is in temperate or even ad hominem it is critical of Macron but does not name call etc.

Web censorship is very heavy one wonders what is coming down the pike?

I repeat

Blockchain is for life not just for Christmas, replicate important comments and censorship on a Blockchain Platform Like Steemit.

Also upload videos of content to Bitchute

also protect the freedo of speech even of those you dislike, they are family and community members too.


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