BREXIT:Why my money is still on Brexstension, and Farage needs to get a move on
This is Dynamite And ignored by both remainers and leavers alike. Even Steve Baker.
Its Oceana or Eurasia and Permanent War for we plebs.
EU military unification. These fascists will stop at nothing.
The News Cycle is such that the Public the commentariat and the higher ups have memory retention of a Goldfish .

The issue of usury has been at the centre of politics for several thousand years, and continues to be. It’s the central issue behind the Yellow Vests demonstrations, now not only in France. It’s a central issue in the Treaty of Lisbon, which puts all of the EU countries at the mercy of international bankers. It’s a central issue in wars and the pretexts for wars.

Oceana or Eurasia.

On the sixth day of Hate Week, after the processions, the speeches, the shouting, the singing, the banners, the posters, the films, the waxworks, the rolling of drums and squealing of trumpets, the tramp of marching feet, the grinding of the caterpillars of tanks, the roar of massed planes, the booming of guns — after six days of this, when the great orgasm was quivering to its climax and the general hatred of Eurasia had boiled up into such delirium that if the crowd could have got their hands on the 2,000 Eurasian war-criminals who were to be publicly hanged on the last day of the proceedings, they would unquestionably have torn them to pieces — at just this moment it had been announced that Oceania was not after all at war with Eurasia. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Eurasia was an ally.

There was, of course, no admission that any change had taken place. Merely it became known, with extreme suddenness and everywhere at once, that Eastasia and not Eurasia was the enemy. …

Oceania was at war with Eastasia: Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. A large part of the political literature of five years was now completely obsolete. Reports and records of all kinds, newspapers, books, pamphlets, films, sound-tracks, photographs — all had to be rectified at lightning speed. Although no directive was ever issued, it was known that the chiefs of the Department intended that within one week no reference to the war with Eurasia, or the alliance with Eastasia, should remain in existence anywhere.

The Slog

me11May’s vote tomorrow will fail, and Parliament will move to ensure No Deal is taken off the table and thrown in the bin in short order. Dominic Raab talks a good game about that making for an impossible situation, but his “belief” that the UK will leave the EU on March 29th doesn’t add up. Leavers are exaggerating the ‘difficulty’ in changing the Withdrawal Act. The Slog analyses where we’re going.


One of many things both good and bad to be revealed by the shambolic Brexit process is just how shallow the vast majority of mainstream media “analysis” of events is. Sky News, for example, has but one mode of “informing” us: this is to drag in yet another media-trained smoothie pol and then ask them questions beginning with, “But isn’t that just….”

Astonishingly, the interviewee says “No”, and then trots out the latest wriggle-room line from HQ. The…

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Resolving misconceptions about the Nikolov and Zeller universal theory of climate

Never ceases to amaze me how locked down the discourse is Web 3 is the answer to this huge censorship!

Tallbloke's Talkshop

We’ve been having a good knockabout on twitter with Patrick Moore concerning Ned and Karl’s Pressure-Insolation theory; their discovery that a simple formula using surface pressure and solar distance will accurately give you the surface temperature on vastly different planets and moons throughout the solar system.

N-KFig_4 Figure 4: The relative atmospheric thermal enhancement, observed surface T/No -atmosphere T (Ts/Tna ratio) as a function of the average surface air pressure according to Eq. (10a) derived from data representing a broad range of planetary environments in the solar system.

Patrick is a great guy, and a good sport, and has been mostly putting up with Ned’s jibes and arguing his corner. I thought it might help others to understand Ned and Karl’s ideas if we look at a few of the objections Patrick raises and our answers to them.

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