#Aangirfan, What the Establishment doesn’t want you to Know. The Last #Taboo! #Brexit #ControlFiles


I Have been a reader on this Blog for a long time and have never commented before today. SO Today I am Breaking my Duck with a Pair as it were.

How the Christchurch and Norway manifestos differ? The Manifestos to compare? Who Wrote them, from where are they sourced. Whose narratives do they represent? https://longhairedmusings.wordpress.com/2019/03/16/how-the-christchurch-and-norway-manifestos-differ-the-manifestos-to-compare-who-wrote-them-from-where-are-they-sourced-whose-narratives-do-they-represent/ #Christchurch #MayPeaceBeUponThem #ClashofOligarchsandUserers #ConquestofDough #Love #Peace


Jo Cox.


Madeleine Mc Cann


I think the Control Files Theory of Catherine Austin Fits is very Strong.


The existence of control files is one of the most important concepts to understand when seeking change. At 4:37 she explains why the United States no longer exists. Without a Congress that is free to represent its constituents and is controlled by the NWO through the use of control files, there is no functioning Congressional body. The United States of America does not exist anymore. Something else has taken its place, but there was no formal announcement. This is vital to understand.

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