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Noam Chomsky: The Purpose of Education
October 31, 2013 1:20 PM

(UPDATE: October 31, 2013 – Editor’s Note: There is an upcoming Noam Chomsky animated documentary film via Sundance, which we preview the trailer here:

(UPDATE: October 31, 2013 – Editor’s Note: There is an upcoming Noam Chomsky animated documentary film via Sundance, which we preview the trailer here:

For those not familiar with Chomsky’s bio or thinking, below is an original post we featured early 2012 which continues to get views today. Do check out Chomsky’s take on technology beginning at the 6:15 mark – it is FASCINATING to hear his views 18 months later . . . C.J. Westerberg)

“Education is really aimed at helping students
get to the point
where they can learn on their own. . . ”
– Noam Chomsky

Video Below
6:15 Education and the Impact of Technology

7:30 – tech changes now come nowhere near the tech advances of a century ago:
does not compare to the shift of the sailing ship or a telegraph

7:55 – Technology in education is neutral;
It’s like a hammer – can build or kill

8:32 – If you know what you are looking for the internet can be very valuable

8:50 – always ask if your framework is the right one – what is significant, what isn’t, what should be put aside

9:36 – You can’t expect someone to become a biologist by looking through the Internet

10:25 – well-constructed directive – could be harmful
random exploration through the Internet could be a cult-generator

11:15 – You have to be able to evaluate, interpret and understand

Frameworks of Understanding. ( Mine as it developed.) #GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #CuratingNarratives


I have found since starting to become actively interested in these matters 3 years ago my own view had changed considerably and the signposts to a critical analysis of the current system seem more in evidence now. Whether this is because my own framework of understanding is more developed or because I am now just finding what I am looking for because I have a predisposed bias to finding what I want to find I don’t know I was involved in an online discussion about House prices on the Motley fool web site back in Feb 2009, My thinking has changed hugely and its an interesting read both the Cliff Dárcy article and the discussion that follows.
I am optimistic that peoples openness to hearing alternative views is increasing, I think people sense something is badly up and although the current culture is for quick solutions in a 2 minute sound bite 101 and thats all you need to know Fox News sort of way. But I think we can provide some of that and I thing Satire needs to be directed at the subject and some poking fun in the great tradition of Radical Etchings and Pamphlets. I suspect these days Americans and Brits alike would struggle to get through Thomas Paine’s Common Sense in one sitting but remember that a lot of people would have got through it or introduced to it by group readings and discussions and that sort of thing whilst difficult to re introduce into modern life can be done through social media. I have tried to do it with a few original songs and poems and by writing to people I am in regular contact with and who I care about.



A poem and a discussion between Danny Shine and his friend threw up this term.

I wondered what it was about.

Google it or go to youtube see what you think there’s something for everyone
depending on your time budget and whether you are seeking reinforcement of an existing narrative that chimes with your own self-interest you’ll probably within a few seconds decide if the Video is one you want to continue watching or not some will get scary screens saying that they are not trusted by google virus programmes in Computers well that’s a long-running Bugbear which I have been curious about.

Question everything especially our own Ego’s and enjoy the moment and each other live for today and learn to trust yourself? Do we have the right to ask as much of ourselves as that?


  • Very promising again. The UK recently allowed Hinkley point to go ahead which is due to start producing overpriced electricity sometime in the 2020’s. Many scientists were opposed to it – but out politicians wanted it (not the least so China wouldn’t be upset).
    I just feel that all these new technologies are going to be 15 years too late.
  • Hi Donald, 15 years too late for what?
    Catastrophists are forever moving out the dates of their dire predictions.
    Personally, I do not think it is even a glass half full or glass half empty problem.
    Natural Gas is quickly going to surpass Oil as the primary fuel source for an interregnum period

My Own Framework of understanding has been distilled into 3 epic poems and a Novel #ConquestofDough.




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