Betting Market Next PM and Date of next election, ( July 2018 : Buy Corbyn PM at 11/2 and Autumn Election at 6-1) Betting Market turned upside down. General Election Coming, the Great Remainer political Cull.

#MayisToast but is Brexit Toast?

May is Toast as good a racing certainty to take to the bank as any. Everything else Brexit wise is up in the air, an open field.
Of course, the EU match-fixers, assorted nobblers and general Dopers, Saboteurs and agent provocateurs are out in force and the Form is far from clear.

Its an interesting card this for this special card of Sunday Racing, The Grand National is around this time of year and should we fail in a sovereign Brexit, will that National institution be renamed The Political Bloc Institution the Grand Political Bloc, doesn’t have the same ring to it does it.

And that’s the thing you see, Globalism in terms laid out buy the EUssr Fascist Block is Globalist and Internationalism requires Nations, Nations are a necessary condition to establishing boundary conditions of regional subsidiarity and Globalism simply can not enter the race, should it try it would always be a faller at the first fence.



This is why there is much talk of backbench MPs not just taking over the Brexit decision but the whole machinery of government – by appointing someone trusted by all sides (as yet unidentified) from the backbenches as a Brexit caretaker PM in charge of a temporary government of national unity.

Will this revolt of the Commons against the PM and entire executive happen?

The mechanics of such a fully fledged coup are tricky.

A Grand Cross Party "Grand Coalition Brexit Parliament"


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