Hitler’s Finances, a Response to my Critics ( Stalinism= Fascism )

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It is essential to the understanding of the control mechanism of money based upon usury to appreciate that Communism, National Socialist Nazism and so-called Capitalism all use a debt based money system, where this system is not in force there is always a war?


the monetary con, privately Lent (Capitalism ) Regime lent ( Communism) yes Communism in the Soviet Union was a species of State monopoly Capitalism ( Stalinism= Fascism )








Real Currencies

(Left: Did Hitler control Hjalmar Schacht or was it the other way around?)

The article on Hitler’s finances and the myth of Nazi anti-usury activism generated a major response. While rehashing the classic revisionist case for Hitler, none has disproven, or even mentioned, the basic case of the article: that the banks financed most of the Nazi economy and that the Reichsmark, like all other currencies, was created through fractional reserve banking, as an interest-bearing debt to these banks.
And many comments point to a wider malaise: deifying the disastrous Adolf Hitler.

I’m now responding to an article written by  Justice4Germans and an interview that Deanna Spingola did with Rodney Martin. I’ll also address a number of issues brought forward by feedbackers here and on other sites. Please let me know if there are other serious rebuttals to the article, I’ll have a look at them too, if needs…

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