Eats, Shites and Leaves. #BREXIT #brexit #Brino #EUMilitaryUnification. WHAT ABOUT THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX!


Economism and the Econocene: a coevolutionary interpretation | Richard B. Norgaard | real-world economics review.
It was Rob Mielcarski who first introduced me to Tims Blog and Seeds
September 5, 2017 at 11:28 pm
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Money does not initiate Economic activity, in all cases, it is an intermediary token or rain check which has profound effects on social relations and commerce between individuals and nations, but money is a mere Idea and can be anything we imagine it to be.

Regardless of how the match was made, I voraciously ate of the Perfect storm and Dangerous Exponentials and felt I had found a home base. What ensued was though, a curate’s egg and an argument typified by the confusion of Who’s on First Base, Eats shoots and leaves Sort.
Abbot and Costello

or Lynn Truss,_Shoots_%26_Leaves

My own irreverent approach to both Grammar and The Dismal science perhaps explains why Eats Shites and Leaves appeals more to my own peculiar mores. But for me, a collapse to gallows humour and absurdism is usually not far away.
Eats, Shites and Leaves
by Antal Parody
Eats, Shites and Leaves is a celebration of all things shite about the misuse of English, highlighting the prevalence of absent apostrophes, ghastly grammar, suspect sentences, rambling repetitiveness, commentators’ claptrap, tortuous tautologies, insane instructions, and quirky quotations in society today.

I thought for the same reason that Rob had penned the first link? But how or indeed if they are linked is unimportant as Tims Work, The Work of Rob and of Richard B. Norgaard, which I consider being of a Doomer Bent. Can be enhanced with an appreciation of #Quanta.

I congratulate you on a Timely and far-reaching paper which I enjoyed reading.
I am moved to respond to some of your own ism’s and schisms and not so much what you challenge but leave unchallenged.
I will through the next several days work through what I see as your blind-spots in proposing a new Ecologism through your own acceptance of the Fossil Fuel / CO2 axis of evil war on Carbon Lens.
Meanwhile, this dialogue/critique by Wes Free the proposer of the Big Apple Plan for a monetary unit of account based upon #Quanta might interest you.
View at
Congratulations on a Brilliant paper again as with all brilliance its flaws ensure that you will not be offending the “Gods” whom so ever they may be.

And I want to Shout this Bit.


Panama Wash Frierre 2 (1)

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