The NGO Sock Puppet Complex. Watts up with That, Useful idiot of Big Finance #DontEatYellowSnow #WrongKindofGreen #ConquestofDough

Mogerini NWO


If Solar And Wind Are So Cheap, Why Are They Making Electricity So Expensive?

Michael ShellenbergerFrom Forbes

Michael Shellenberger

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Clipper yacht Liverpool 2018 passes the Burbo Bank Wind Farm on August 14, 2017, off Liverpool, England. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

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Over the last year, the media have published story after story after story about the declining price of solar panels and wind turbines.

People who read these stories are understandably left with the impression that the more solar and wind energy we produce, the lower electricity prices will become. etc. read it at above link.

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This sort of Analysis is deeply flawed using a fiscal-monetary unit to compare energy generation, Primary Energy sources is Absurd.
The Proper comparison is Energy Cost of Energy ECOE or Energy Returned on Energy Invested. These measures allow one to see the amount of Surplus energy available over and above the energy input cost and this allows one to then make decisions on the best application of surplus energy for Wealth creation ( Prosperity).

At a Policy Level and the level of political economy, of course, energy Taxation and Energy Subsidy screens the real questions of what the true social and commercial costs of the options are. Markets are distorted at all levels and Geographic scales by, Taxes, Subsidies and tariffs but equally at all levels by the availability of debt and Credit to business and individuals at all levels. Large Banking Interests and Corporate business interests manipulate Consumers in the Same way and in fact just as profoundly as Governments manipulate, CItizens/Subjects.
As we are presently seeing a Fascist/Stalinist assault on Liberty through the Green New Deal and the Al-Gore/Sheldon Washington War on CO2 Collective what is the real focus of the overarching Agenda?

In Europe Mogerini the EU MInister for War referred in a Speech Last week To The New World Order project, She does this habitually now, other less bold would be commissars of the New Stalinist/Fascist COmpact still cling to Rules based international Order.
Mogerini NWO

The Modern Monetary Theory ( Stalinist/Fascists) are really pushing their poison and they mean to Cull the Human Race with their misanthropic elitist dogmas. All Hail Ehrlich and the Mann/Hansen/Schmidt disciples of Agenda21/30.
In our requirements for prosperity and more energy production, we need to take heed of the Late Prof. Sir David McKay “”Every Big Helps”

Liberty Loving Human beings are under attack, make no mistake it is an attack on several fronts and all patriotic, family-loving god fearing and right-minded people must understand we need a resolution to our own Byzantine Generals dilemma. Articles such as this only serve to muddy the waters, Large FInance Capital and Big Corporations and the State are all one and the same subsidiaries of the Oligarchy. And guess what The Oligarchy isn’t really into us unless it is stealing the sweat off our brows or exploiting our nearest and dearest to satisfy its own depravity.

Piers Corbyn and Mark WIndows discussing the Green New Deal, Extinction Rebellion and the NGO sockpuppet complex.

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