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2019 Newport West by-election

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2019 Newport West by-election
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Newport West constituency


Location of Newport West within Wales

Incumbent MP
Paul Flynn

A by-election will be held in the UK Parliament constituency of Newport West on 4 April 2019, following the death of Labour MP Paul Flynn. This will be the third by-election held during the 57th UK Parliament, which was elected at the 2017 general election.


In October 2018 the sitting MP Paul Flynn indicated his intention to resign his seat in the imminent future, following a worsening of his rheumatoid arthritis.[1] At the time, Flynn indicated that he would wait for a snap general election, in case that allowed him to stand down without triggering a by-election, citing the expense involved in organising and holding one.[1] He died on 17 February 2019, following a “long illness”.[2]

Newport West has been held by Labour since 1987, when Paul Flynn won the seat from the Conservatives. The constituency is semi-marginal, with Labour majorities not exceeding 10,000 votes except during the electoral landslide of 1997.[3]

The writ of election was moved in Parliament on 28 February, scheduling the by-election for 4 April 2019.[4][5]

Candidates and timetable[edit]

Flynn had indicated his intention to stand down at (or before) the next general election and political parties had begun to select candidates ahead of the next general election in Newport West.[6]

Several candidates were pre-selected by parties before the by-election was formally called, including Jonathan Clark (Plaid Cymru),[7] Matthew Evans (Welsh Conservatives), Ruth Jones (Welsh Labour)[5] and Amelia Womack (Green Party).[5] UKIPselected their Welsh leader Neil Hamilton.[8] The Liberal Democrats selected Ryan Jones.[9] Also standing are Richard Suchorzewski for the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party;[10] June Davies for the Renew Party;[11] Ian McLean for the continuing SDP;[12] and candidates for For Britain and the Democrats and Veterans.[13]

The new Brexit Party said it would not be standing.[5] The recently formed Independent Group also declined to field their own candidate.[5]

The election is administered by Newport City Council, with the statement of persons nominated published on 8 March 2019.[14]

Party Candidate
Plaid Cymru Jonathan Clark
Renew June Davies
Conservative Matthew Evans
UKIP Neil Hamilton
Labour Ruth Jones
Liberal Democrat Ryan Jones
SDP Ian McLean
For Britain Hugh Nicklin
Abolish the Welsh Assembly Richard Suchorzewski
Democrats and Veterans Philip Taylor
Green Amelia Womack


Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford announced on 12 March that the expected decision on the construction of an M4 relief road around Newport would be delayed due to the purdah rules that had taken effect during the by-election. Such rules prevented the government from making major policy announcements to avoid unduly influencing an election campaign. The news was strongly criticised by the Conservative candidate.[15]

Previous result[edit]

Paul Flynn was re-elected to an eighth term of office in 2017, with an increased majority of 5,658 (13.0%) over the Conservative candidate.

General Election 2017: Newport West
Party Candidate Votes % ±
Labour Paul Flynn 22,723 52.3 +11.1
Conservative Angela Jones-Evans 17,065 39.3 +6.8
UKIP Stan Edwards 1,100 2.5 -12.7
Plaid Cymru Morgan Bowler-Brown 1,077 2.5 -1.5
Liberal Democrat Sarah Lockyer 976 2.2 -1.7
Green Pippa Bartolotti 497 1.1 -2.0
Majority 5,658 13.0 +4.3
Turnout 43,438 67.5 +2.6
Registered electors 64,399
Labour hold Swing +2.2


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