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As citizens given the right 190 years ago to vote for change if we want it, we have to take on board the War we’re involved in….and not merely obsess about Brexit as one battle.

In turn, we need to embrace the kind of electorally coordinated technology available to those of us who are genuinely serious about giving direct democratic power back to The People.

The élites will never give us this responsibility, for they are too busy brown-nosing the globalist businesses, central bankers, media moguls, energy cliques, spooks and military psychos behind whom citizen interests always come a very poor last.

But there is a rapidly growing Resistance that is organised, and can deliver “ground game” solutions to give the disenfranchised a defining say in where humanity goes from here.

All we require going forward is some spectacular demonstrations of what user-friendly software can do….and the willingness of angry frustrated citizens to embrace it.

In the meantime, the word from Downing Street is that Theresa May bring her “deal” back for a fourth go….this time (I suspect) Speaker Bercow will have to disallow it. Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad.

There is but one conundrum, and everyone knows what it is, but our elected reprehensibles refuse to admit it: we are a Leave electorate imprisoned by indirectly elected Remainers.

That, dear reader, is what must change.

John Ward, The Slog. 


Hi John, BellingDawg on Twitter notices my sandboxing efforts for a grassroots database to enable coordinated Sovereign Brexit independence candidates.

I hope that Democrats and Veterans have a good showing in Newport East.

BellingDawg Wrote.
Hi Roger, I hope you are doing well. I am a Brexiteer and community manager at Everipedia. I noticed you created a couple of pages on Everipedia and was hoping I could help sort them out for you as they are not encyclopedic and not sourced properly. What you needs is an Everipedia article on “Democrats and Veterans” and merge these 2 pages into that. I can help if you like and most welcome to discuss. Kind Regards, Paul

Everpedia 1

Everpedia 2

Newport West By-Election.

Candidates and timetable[edit]

Flynn had indicated his intention to stand down at (or before) the next general election and political parties had begun to select candidates ahead of the next general election in Newport West.[6]

Several candidates were pre-selected by parties before the by-election was formally called, including Jonathan Clark (Plaid Cymru),[7] Matthew Evans (Welsh Conservatives), Ruth Jones (Welsh Labour)[5] and Amelia Womack (Green Party).[5] UKIPselected their Welsh leader Neil Hamilton.[8] The Liberal Democrats selected Ryan Jones.[9] Also standing are Richard Suchorzewski for the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party;[10] June Davies for the Renew Party;[11] Ian McLean for the continuing SDP;[12] and candidates for For Britain and the Democrats and Veterans.[13]

The new Brexit Party said it would not be standing.[5] The recently formed Independent Group also declined to field their own candidate.[5]

The election is administered by Newport City Council, with the statement of persons nominated published on 8 March 2019.[14]

Party Candidate
Plaid Cymru Jonathan Clark
Renew June Davies
Conservative Matthew Evans
UKIP Neil Hamilton
Labour Ruth Jones
Liberal Democrat Ryan Jones
SDP Ian McLean
For Britain Hugh Nicklin
Abolish the Welsh Assembly Richard Suchorzewski
Democrats and Veterans Philip Taylor
Green Amelia Womack

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Brexit Vote By Constituency.

COnstituency Votes

Mp’s Brexit Stance By Constituency.





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