#CantonDD #DirectDemocracy #SovereignBrexit #MagnaWiki #NewportWestByElection #DemocratsandVeterans #BrexitParty Don’t split the sovereignVote #CantonDD Independent Primaries and the Byzantine General’s Dilemma.

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Danger Omellette in progress, This is a rough and ready generic off the shelf with Beezer, Our opensource will not be a skinny runny Hollywood starlet white of egg only ‘over easy’ vacuous nonsense but a positive Spanish Omelette of Tortilla loveliness.



This can be downloaded to Android or IOS devices and deployable with community input linked to a Wiki on the legacy web in a matter of hours. For the Web 3, a secure for tyranny version ( say for Gilletts Juanes under the Macron Regime. I need just a couple of days, functionality will be built with Metamask and ( must stop got my geek on again.)




This is the same thing as Beezer just on the Google cloud,
We will not have a back door which is why Web 3 is essential to our CantonDD community.


Anthony Ward

Tue, Apr 2, 8:04 PM (10 hours ago)

to me
John Ward at the SLog and I have been kicking this idea around for a week or two, I have been working on the idea with respect to a Radical Publishing portal for serialisation and distribution of exo-narrative art, letters and multimedia content, and most of what I have been coding is easily adaptable to this Canton Based Direct Democracy wiki concept
just without the monetisation of content.
Hi Roger,
That was a good natter today.
This is my slightly less fuzzy/sharper vision of what we have to offer both ‘Canton DD model’ potential voters and candidates/parties.
1. The product/service
a An umbrella rain-cover for UK independence/Canton candidates to offer one alternative
b An umbrella receptacle for voters disillusioned by the Westminster duopoly
c An information/learning service for activists who want to use Ground gaming to thwart an Establishment dedicated to killing direct democracy
d A sort of 21st century ‘Kitemark’ that genuinely Canton DD candidates will want to enjoy.
2. The gizmo/widget
An easy to find, save and use ‘ready reckoner’ that offers voters
a Reassurance that they won’t let “the other lot” in
b Reassurance that the vote they’re giving won’t be wasted
3. Proposed brand generic prefix
4. Proposed Umbrella brand
5. Proposed Widget brand
6. Desired response from voter, Party and candidate audiences
Wikicitizen is the name I want to promote direct democracy
Wikivotes is the site I can access to decide how best to do that
As I suggested today Roger, the next stage is for you to reply here & tell me how near/far we are from providing this, and who else we need on the mission to make it happen both technologically and in terms of media launch.
Thanks for all your work to date




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