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Voters go to the polls in Newport West by-election

Newport West candiates L-R (top) Jonathan Clark, June Davies, Matthew Evans, Neil Hamilton, (middle) Ruth Jones, Ryan Jones, Ian McLean, (bottom) Hugh Nicklin, Richard Suchorzewski, Phillip Taylor and Amelia Womack

Newport West candiates L-R (top) Jonathan Clark, June Davies, Matthew Evans, Neil Hamilton, (middle) Ruth Jones, Ryan Jones, Ian McLean, (bottom) Hugh Nicklin, Richard Suchorzewski, Phillip Taylor and Amelia Womack

TODAY’S the big day, with voters in Newport West going to the polls in a by-election to choose their new MP.

The vote was called following the death of Labour’s Paul Flynn, who had represented the consistency on Westminster since 1987, last month.

And voters have a bumper crop of 11 candidates all vying for their votes.


Why it would be wrong to assume tomorrow’s Newport West by-election will be a typical two horse race

Seven Newport West by-election candidates attend hustings in Pill

By-election candidates face off at hustings

NEWPORT WEST BY-ELECTION: Hear from your candidates

The usual suspects of Labour, the Conservatives, Ukip, the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party are all standing. But voters will also be able to cast their vote for Renew, the Social Democrats Party (SDP), For Britain, the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party or the Democrats and Veterans Party.

South Wales Argus: Voters use the Just Dance Community Centre polling station in Locke Street Picture: use the Just Dance Community Centre polling station in Locke Street Picture:

Although this is a local by-election, it is being seen by many as a key test of opinion in the midst of the Brexit negotiations. When it was called it appeared it would be the first time voters had the chance to make their voices heard at the ballot box after the UK left the European Union. But Brexit has since been delayed past the original date of March 29 – how and if this will affect the by-election result remains to be seen.

South Wales Argus: Belle Vue Bowling club polling station Picture: Vue Bowling club polling station Picture:

In 2016 56 per cent of voters in Newport voted to leave the European Union – although it votes were counted by local government area rather than constituency meaning it is impossible to say with certainty how Newport West voted – and the by-election result will demonstrate whether attitudes have changed over the past nearly three years.

A victory for one of the pro-Brexit candidates would suggest Eurosceptic views have not changed since June 2016, but one of the parties calling for a second referendum or outright opposing Brexit coming out on top would suggest opinions have shifted.

Paul Flynn’s majority never dropped below 2,700 in his almost 32 years in Parliament – and rose to 5,658 in 2017. But many have said a large part of this was a personal vote for him rather than Labour. The result of today’s vote will show how true this is.

Polls will be open from 7am until 10pm, with counting beginning shortly afterwards at the Geraint Thomas National Velodrome of Wales. Everyone living in Newport West who is registered to vote should have received a polling card with details of their nearest polling station – and many will have already cast their votes by post.

The result is expected in the early hours of Friday morning – visit for full live coverage.

South Wales Argus:

Full list of Newport West candidates:

– Jonathan Clark, Plaid Cymru

– June Davies, Renew

– Matthew Evans, Conservative

– Neil Hamilton, Ukip

– Ruth Jones, Labour

– Ryan Jones, Liberal Democrats

– Ian McLean, Social Democratic Party

– Hugh Nicklin, For Britain

– Richard Suchorzewski, Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party

– Phillip Taylor, Democrats and Veterans Party

– Amelia Womack, Green

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I Echo the comments below that say Newport West has an opportunity to send a strong message to The House of Commons and the Metropolitan Liberal Elite that Neo-Liberalism, so-called Centrism and the Rules-Based international Order is not working.
A withdrawal of consent to be governed can be delivered by Tactical voting and returning Candidates only who respect Parliaments and therefore the people sovereignty under the Constitution.
Yvette Cooper has cocked a snook at Parliamentary and therefore the Mandate of the people given through the constitution. As have The Speaker and Mrs May.
A group of like-minded patriotic British Subjects have taken it upon ourselves to enable local Canton Model Direct Democracy primaries in By-elections and all forms of elections in the British Isles. The Form of our Digitally based platform is a WikiCitizen handbook which is editable in each geographic constituency.
Newport West like this for instance.

Or for our MagnaPedia here

We will have Dapp ( distributed Applications ) for polling, primary voting to ensure that Canton Model Direct Democracy Candidate split the Disloyal candidate’s vote but consolidate the support of Canton Model Direct democracy which will return
Representative democracy to a Chartis Form accountable to the voters.

Newport west By-Election #DemocratsandVeterans #PhilipTaylor


We will all be watching on with interest to see what the good citizens of Newport make of it All, Goldie Looking Chain

and possibly the greatest Swing since Chislehurst in 64 or Clacton in 2014

I have had a few epic nights at TJ’s back in the day with Guns to Roses and Psyco Circus
and hope for an Epic result tonight. Get in there Newport, stick it to the Man!


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