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  1. Shall I share on Twitter? What does it do in practise? Just need to be clear in my own mind how it works and how it can be used in an election.

    1. people with qr scanners on their smart phones get a link to the App at Beezer with this qr Code Alison .
      This is a web cam scanner and


      This is the link it generates.

      QR COdes are very handy in Web 3 computing as web addresses are very long lines of letters and numbers called hashes, a QR code is much easier to scan than entering very long code strings(hashes)

      Also for the wiki and the app we are building Cryptography will be built in and the community currency to edit and participate whilst free will be linked to a cryptographic key where all users will be anonymous by default so no one needs fear tyrannical sanction The Public QR code key is how we will deliver this self-selecting anonymity but also guarantee only one person one vote.

      Part of the idea of the Wiki is to explain all of these things so your question is really helpful, please keep asking away as we need to build something intuitive , I am a Geek so get my Geek Flag on at the drop of a hat.

      You and John will be the people who can get these tools adopted by our friends, brothers sisters and neighbours, Open Source hackers like me are only to happy to deliver the tools.

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