Why many pairs of anxious eyes in Westminster will be trained on Newport West tonight

Wales referendum results (without spoiled ballots):
854,572 (52.5%)
772,347 (47.5%)


Hi John Wales voted to leave its own Metropolitan Elites went for leave but the Same trends played out as in England in Wales.

Will be watching with interest I have been reading the comments in the South Wales Argus.
My Father was a famous Welsh Cycling Champion and cycled often even into his 70’s at the Newport Velodrome where they will be counting the votes tonight.

Newport By-Election Canton Model Direct Democracy #MagnaPedia Late Evening Special Edition with South Wales Argus. #TheSlog #IABATO #CantonDD #GreatestHappiness #Hedons @JoeBlob20 @bill1303 @DavidGolemXIV @wesfree @StephenStillwe2 @ProfSteveKeen @scientificecon #ConquestofDough

Newport By-Election Direct Democracy #MagnaPedia Evening Special Edition with South Wales Argus. #TheSlog #IABATO #CantonDD #GreatestHappiness #Hedons @JoeBlob20 @bill1303 @DavidGolemXIV @wesfree @StephenStillwe2 @Pr… https://notthegrubstreetjournal.com/2019/04/04/newport-by-election-canton-model-direct-democracy-magnapedia-late-evening-special-edition-with-south-wales-argus-theslog-iabato-cantondd-greatesthappiness-hedons-joeblob20-bill1303-davidgole/ … #ConquestofDough


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