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What do those of us that feel the way to get the Green Benches of the house of Commons populated by Backsides that give a hoot for the People who vote them in and not to their Corporate Oligarchical Masters? Read on.

This from the Slog Last Night.

These being about as far from normal times as I can remember in my life, we ought to expect an abnormally high protest vote and a relatively high turnout…although it must be remembered that Newport W voted solidly to (Remain)Leave in the EU. However, if the aggregate votes cast for the pro-Brexit foursome come anywhere near to the totals achieved by Labour and Tory, it will demonstrate two things:

  1. What I’ve been boffing on about for weeks now – a technological Wikivotes approach to tactical voting behind ONE pro-Brexit candidate in winnable constituencies – will have been vindicated – at least in conceptual terms.
  2. We can all kiss goodbye to any thoughts of an imminent General Election, as even the Westminster pondlife duopoly we suffer at the moment will realise a need to put off facing The People for as long as possible.

“…3% victory by 17.4 million people in a referendum”.

As a retired statistician I have to say please don’t even accidentally repeat Remainer favoured statistics John! Actually Leave may have obtained a 3% greater SHARE of the vote but it actually polled a healthy 7.9% more votes than Remain, which makes it quite a significant victory.

Not that this notable victory means anything now of course.

ross comment
from The Slog


@Ross Hendry, Hi Ross, A statistician Hooray. The Result for Newport is interesting.
1. Low Turnout 37.1% as per pro 67.5% 2017 and 70.2% Brexit Referendum.
2. Pro Brexit Stance Vote Combined 44.2% behind remain 54%

Conservative Matthew Evans 7,357 31.3 -12.7
UKIP Neil Hamilton 2,023 8.6 +8
A W A Ri Suchorzewski 205 0.9
SDP Ian McLean 202 0.9
D& V Philip Taylor 185 0.8
For Britain Hugh Nicklin 159 0.7


Labour Ruth Jones 9,308 39.6
Plaid Cymru Jonathan Clarke 1,185 5.0 +2.6
Liberal Dem Ryan Jones 1,088 4.6 +2.4
Green Amelia Womack 924 3.9 +2.8
Renew June Davies 879 3.7

On its face, the Newport result is squarely a remain result from the point of Canton Direct Democracy, what can we glean statistically?

First, Turnout, The 2017 Upset and Referendum leave vote was possible due to high levels of turnout.
The Media tried its best to achieve voter fatigue in 2017 in a second referendum or in a Post BRINO or Remain Parliament the turnout I expect would be record-breaking,

I made this video at the time about suppressing turnout

and these two Blogs,

Turn Out Is Key. Election 2017. High Turnout and Labour Wins!!! #VoteLabour #DriveAfreindtothePollingPlace

June 07, 2017

Survation and Survey Monkey Called it in 2015. (Too close to Call) Turnout Is Everything.

Link To Lord Ashcroft Polling.

This Graph Explains the Importance of Turnout to the outcome of the Election Tomorrow.

If Turnout is the 72.2% of the Brexit Referendum last year you can see that the Light Blue line shows That the middle third of the probability distribution curve on Ashcroft’s polling numbers has a Tory Majority of between 20 and 60 seats.
The 2015 turnout was 66.1 % overall. around the same as 1997 general election less than the 77% for the 92 vote. Historically the 1950 and 51 elections had over 80% turnouts.

My own Efforts in 2017 were focused on trying to get at least a hung parliament and preferably to return Jeremy Corbyn, If He had won a Majority I think he would have been strong enough to declare his leave tendencies, and Brexit may well have played out differently all be it that the Pissing into the tent problem by the financial elite would still remain ( Gnomes of Zurich.)

Why Corbyn Needs the Tories "Inside Pissing out and not outside pissing in". to secure Social Democracy from The Global Money Power.

To Avoid the same COG (Continuity of Government) interference in UK Democracy as President Trump is suffering from in the US by his own Globalist COG Neo-Cons And Neo-Libs ( Voltaire’s bastards). Mr Corbyn needs to Hold his nose and push for a Grand Coalition along Churchill Atlee Lines of 1940. The EU and Neo-Liberal Financialised Corporate Capitalism already opposes Brexit, which the British People Want. The British People clearly in this election on June 8th endorsed Brexit if it is a Corbyn Social Democratic Brexit and Not a Mrs May Hard Right Race to the Bottom Neo-Liberal Austerity Brexit.

Harold Wilson used to refer to the Money Power as the Gnomes of Zurich, Hot Money in the late 60´s and 1970´s was not nearly the Terror Wing of the Neo-Liberal “Queen TINA” Elites that it is now, even then Harold Wilson Knew to be wary of it. Dennis Healy Callaghan’s Chancellor got into bed with it. Starting the UKs Seduction by Thatcher in 1979 and her Bastard Son Blair in 1997.

Back to Newport West.

The Swing to UKIP from 2015 is what is important it is +18% should turnout have been at referendum or 2017 levels even average 65% levels of the previous two general election turnouts the combined leave vote united in a candidate endorsed by our Canton Model Direct Democracy MagnaPedia primary process it is easy to see that returning a Pro Sovereign Brexit candidate is fairly straight forward.

On the Result in Newport West, the MagnaPedia Soeveignty-a-Metre would screen all of the candidate’s utterances for Direct Democracy compliance( the language is obviously important and I am not suggesting our idea should introduce some sort of thought crime detector;) )

At the present juncture, We would probably have supported the Conservative candidate in this election and sought to get the vote out behind him to bolster the vote for Sovereign Brexit.
Direct Democracy needs above all to be Pragmatic and the pragmatist would see that for a Sovereign Brexit Candidate at this stage then Matthew Evans would have been the result we could most easily have achieved.

This is my first blush at the results but Ross if you have read this far I would be really keen to pick your brains for a sensitivity based gaming algorithm to analyse these results and apply them to the Marginal Remain/Leave constituencies. Canton Model Direct democracy has its first Real World Data Set post-BRINO treachery to build our Liberty Voting Machine.


Canton Direct Democracy System


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  1. Roger,
    Can I share your thoughts on the way forward with a lady on Twitter? She seems concerned about the split in votes and is talking about getting behind one party that speaks for all Brexiteers. She thinks UKIP and Brexit Party are a problem in this context!?
    But I think you are going for a slightly more subtle approach in that you just see which party is best to support in each constituency?
    I guess the trouble with that is getting the message out to the voters in that seat if they are not privy to your software.

  2. Hi Alison, yes please, please share and let’s get a proper conversation started. The Tools as they stand are agnostic and totally customisable at any Scale from the Single to Infinite.
    I have one rule in life that I swear by, Do unto others…( The Golden Rule).
    John and I have talked a few times about the Ego aspects of modern discourse.
    One of Wikipedias tenets is assuming good faith.

    Be polite, and welcoming to new users

    − Assume good faith

    − Avoid personal attacks

    − For disputes, seek dispute resolution

    I take all of these principles on board and there is nothing here we can not resolve.

    I did two live internet broadcasts yesterday on Bittube , they explain the ideas behind WikiCitizen and the CantonDirectDemocracy Voting APPS suite.

    Thanks for the feedback Alison hopefully John will direct his quil at this , my own skills are technical and backroom/engine room biased, John and you are much better at explaining stuff than I am. SO thanks for spending some time on this,

    All the best



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